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An easy to use, easy to setup capture the flag game. Capture the flag is where there are two teams each rivaled with taking the opponents flag to their own base. If a player is to die while holding the flag the flag is then dropped to the ground to be picked up again. If the team that owns the flag picks it up then it is sent directly to their home base. If the enemy team picks it up again then that player has to take the flag.

Planned Features

A full lobby where players can pick their teams and wait until the games starts. The game will start when all players are ready as well as having enough players to start. Players will be able to pick a class to start with. Items are kept in a temporary inventory when they join the lobby.


  • 0.1: Initial release, no classes may be filled with bugs
  • 0.2: Bugs worked out
  • 0.3: Basic classes worked out
  • 0.4: Rest of the bugs fleshed out
  • 0.5: Create further classes and let players create their own
  • 1.0: Bugs fixed, all features working.

Open to suggestions!


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