This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Allow your players to fight over control of almost any portal!

Important Notice

I no longer have the time to continue supporting this plugin.
The source is freely available on github so feel free to continue developing the project.

It's been fun working on this project and it tought me quite a few things. Thank you for your patience and understanding if you're still using this plugin.


  • Allows admins to limit access to Nether Portals.
  • Capture and cooldown time are specifiable in the yml file.
  • Messages are displayed when the portal is almost available or being captured, also configurable in the yml file.
  • Teams are adjustable by using Permissions, Factions, Clans (SimpleClans), Towns (Towny) and Gods (Gods plugin)
  • Every supported plugin has it's own setting in the config and only 1 at a time can be enabled so "enabletownysupport" OR "enablesimpleclanssupport", etc.
  • Besides Nether Portals, it also supports Ender portals, Wormholes and Stargates
  • All messages are configurable through the config.yml
  • As an OP you can reload CTP by running: /capturetheportal reload
  • Captures are registered so, when the server reboots, groups won't have to recapture the portal (set "persistcapture" to false to disable that)
  • Full Clan names can be enabled by setting "fullgroupnames" to true in the config. That way it will use the Clan's full name in stead of the short tag.
  • Vault is supported and mandatory when running CTP with "permissionssupport" to true

How it Works

First, as an admin, you build a white wool 5x5 platform and place a stone pressure plate in the middle. You then create a Nether Portal* on top of the platform next to the pressure plate.

Setup1 Setup2

Then as a player with team permissions, or as a member of a Faction, you stand on the pressure plate to Capture the Portal for your team/Faction. The wool will change to the capturing team's color and all members of the enemy team/Faction will be kicked out of the Nether and sent to spawn!

BlueCapture RedCapture

This plugin also supports Wormhole X-Treme portals, End Portals, Stargates (from the Stargate plugin), Multiverse Portals and Creative Gates. Simply place a wool block next to the dialer (for Wormhole X-Treme), Endportal frame, Stargate, MV Portal or Creative Gate and put a stone plate on top.

Permission Nodes

If you have Permission support enabled the following nodes can be used:

  • CaptureThePortal.COLOR (Replace "COLOR" with any wool colors [red, blue, gold, light purple, yellow, green, dark gray, gray, dark purple, dark blue, dark green, black] to assign players to a team)
  • CaptureThePortal.neutral (for neutral players and admins)

When you use another group plugin, permission nodes are not relevant.

Config Options

For an explanation of the various config options in the config.yml, please see this page.


My thanks goes out to Devinish for making this page easy to read and look cool.

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