All commands start with /ctp. To see all commands in game type /ctp help.
Note: if you can't see some or any commands you don't have permissions for that.

Player command list

/ctp join <name> - joins the arena specified, if none then they join the default one.
/ctp leave - leave the game.
/ctp list - Lists the arenas able to be played.
/ctp team - while playing the game shows players on command sender team.
/ctp colors - for admins displays colors available while creating teams, for players - teams that exists in arena and if CTP game is running, players in the game.
/ctp rejoin - join a game if one has started(if there is no game started, player will not be able to join).
/ctp stats - shows player in-game stats.
/ctp aliases - list of helpful command aliases.

Admin command list

/ctp reload - reload ctp configs.
/ctp version - shows plugin version.
/ctp stop - stops already running game.
/ctp setpoints <Team color> <number> - Sets the chosen teams points/score to this number.
/ctp pjoin <player> - makes this player join the game.
/ctp kick <player> - kicks player from CTP game.
/ctp joinall - makes all players in the server join the game.
/ctp auto <worldname> - brings every player in the world to a random suitable arena.
/ctp version - check this plugin's version.
/ctp start <arena>- starts CTP game for the given arena.

Arena building command list

/ctp build help - arena editing commands list.
/ctp build setspawn <Team color> - sets the place people are teleported to when they die or when they join the game.
/ctp build removespawn <Team color> - removes spawn point of selected color.
/ctp build setpoint <Point name><vert | hor> [Teams that cant capture this point] - creates new capture point. vert - vertical, hor - horizontal. Last parameter is optional and with it you can set who can't capture point. Example: /ctp build setpoint l1 vert red blue - red and blue teams will be not able to capture this point.
/ctp build removepoint <Point name> - removes an existing capture point.
/ctp build create <Arena name> - creates an arena.
/ctp build delete <Arena name> - deletes an existing arena.
/ctp build selectarena <Arena name> - selects arena for editing.
/ctp build setarena <Arena name> - sets main arena for playing.
/ctp build setlobby - sets arena lobby.
/ctp build pointstowin- sets the amount of points needed to win.
/ctp build arenalist - shows existing arenas list.
/ctp build pointlist - shows selected arena capture points list.
/ctp build setboundary - sets boundary (1 or 2) of the arena.
/ctp build maximumplayers <number> - sets maximum players of the arena.
/ctp build minimumplayers <number> - sets minimum players of the arena.
/ctp build save - saves arena selected for editing data to mySQL database.
/ctp build restore - restores arena from mySQL database(May take some time for huge arenas).
/ctp build findchests - command for fun. Finds chests in mySQL database and prints their items in server console.