This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Capture the flag is a game in which two teams fight against each other trying to bring the other team's flag to the own base.

German translation: Here

What does this plugin do?
This plugin allows you to create CTF-arenas and play within them using item-kits.

Note: This plugin is still on development so some features may be missing.


/disable - Disables the plugin completely (reload or restart needed to re-enable it). /ctf create - starts the creation of a new arena. Only one player can create a new arena at once. /ctf set - creation command. /ctf save [name] - saves the arena with the given name. /ctf start [arena name] - starts a new game on the arena. /ctf join [arena name] - joins a game which hasn't started yet. /ctf choosekit [kit name] - chooses a kit. /ctf setkit [kit name] [kit data] - creates, changes or delete a kit.


ctf.disable - gives access to /disable ctf.createarena - gives access to /ctf create, /ctf set and /ctf save ctf.start - gives access to /ctf start ctf.choosekit - gives access to /ctf choosekit ctf.join - gives access to /ctf join ctf.setkit - gives access to /ctf setkit ctf.kits.<kit> - gives access to the given kit. "ctf.kits.*" gives access to all kits ctf.signs.kit - allows the user to place and break kit signs ctf.signs.arena - allows the user to place and break arena signs ctf.signs.break - allows the user to break kit/arena-signs


Improving inventory- and kit-management Adding a language-file - in progress (0.3) Adding configurations - in progress (0.4) Adding customizable arenas Adding a KDR-information Adding kit-permissions Adding kit- and join-signs - in progress (0.3)

How to create and remove signs

To create signs, place a sign with "[ctf-arena]" or "[ctf-kit]" in the first line (permission needed, see above). In the second line, write the arena- or the kit name. To remove a sign, you need the permission ctf.signs.break. Break the sign while you're sneaking.

Known bugs of newest version

Plugin-folder won't be created - fixed in 0.3.1


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