Caps blocking by CapsLock!


CapsLock is the ultimate anti-caps solution! I created this plugin because I was not happy with alternatives, and wanted to try my hand at a smart caps detection plugin. Below are the current features of CapsLock!


Default Config


  • Override player messages when they contain too many caps!
    • HEY GUYS! NICE SERVER! → I like purple penguins.
  • Send message to a player when they attempt to use too many caps!
    • OMG WHAT WAS THAT! → Sorry, but you used too many caps.
  • Intelligent conversion to lowercase. Force lowercase on excessive caps! (Also can put any phrases in the "whitelist" that won't be affected)
    • WOW! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! → Wow! How did you do that?!
  • Customize caps detection by number of caps in a row and percentage of caps!
  • Have a feature request? Let me know.

Why CapsLock?

There are plenty of anti-caps plugins on bukkitdev, but one thing that sets this one apart from the others is it's ability to cleverly force lowercase on messages. It maintains letters that should be capitalized (e.g. starting letters of sentences) and allows a whitelist of any other abbreviations or emoticons that you wish. It does not just simply set everything to lowercase!

Message entry: Message entry:

Message result: Message result:

Latest version


Fixed message overriding with whitelisted words.


Fixed crashing on command (for CB1.5+)


Updated for latest RB


Renamed from StopCaps to CapsLock

Changed commands to use arguments instead


This is the initial release. Submit tickets or comments with feedback or bug reports.


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