Projectile Configuration Files

Projectile Configuration

Cannons allows you to create your own projectile. Since the system is very flexible, the configuration file has a decent length and might be confusing at the first look. Therefore I will try to explain every single entry in the file. If something is still unclear, please contact me via comment on the main page or PM.
Note: You can change the all projectile properties, like explosion radius, however it will always appear as a snowball if you fire the cannon. The snowball entity can't be changed.

Five steps to your first projectile

  1. To make your custom projectile, copy first the default one which ships with Cannons.
  2. Rename the file of the projectile. The file name is important because you have to add it to the 'allowed projectiles' for a cannon.
  3. Change the properties of the projectile. Most import is the 'loading item'. It is the item which is used to load the projectile (e.g.: cobblestone, diamond). You can't use two projectile with the same loading item on one cannon. However you can make two projectiles with the same loading item if you use them for different cannons.
  4. Enter the name of the projectile in the list of 'allowed projectiles' in the cannon design. Each cannon which fires this new projectile needs this entry.
  5. Use '/cannons reload' or reload the server

Default configuration

Cobblestone projectile


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