Cant Autoload #87

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  • materiallize created this issue Aug 17, 2020

    can you please help me, i am running this in 1.16.1 and i am trying to make the autoloading cannons or sentrys, and i do have full permissions to do so, but when i place a chest and shiftclick the torch it says that there is no gunpowder in the chest although it does have alot of gunpowder and projectile, now when i destroy the chest and try to shift click it again, it says the same thing, i have tried it several times with several cannons, and with redstone and everything, and the chest is placed in the right place, 

    please help me i am trying to make an automated defence system on my fort.

  • materiallize added a tag New Aug 17, 2020
  • materiallize posted a comment Aug 19, 2020

    please i need the response urgently


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