Cannons and CreeperHeal #71

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  • johnmg1518 created this issue May 24, 2017



    Great Plugin! The custom cannons feature is great. However, I am having trouble getting creeperheal to work. I did what you described in the last issue covering this topic, but I noticed it was a bit old and wondered if you had any new advice to give, thanks.

  • DerPavlov posted a comment Aug 21, 2017

    Sry for the late reponse. 


    I tested CreeperHeal 7.0.5 and it is still working. I also updated the link on the front page since it was outdated.


    The setup should be the same as before: 

    Set 'custom explosion' for your world in the CreeperHeal config to repair cannon damage



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  • DerPavlov posted a comment Aug 22, 2017

    There might be an issue with the new blockExplosionEvent of spigot. Please try to set the relayExplosionEvent if it does not work.

    • Cannonballs destroy protected regions: 
      Cannons does not use any unsafe code and it should work with all region protection plugins. For worldguard I use the "other-explosion" deny flag to protect area from cannonball impacts and cannon explosions. Note: Spigot added a new event for explosions in 1.8.3, which is still not supported by all plugins. Use "relayExplosionEvent: true" in the Cannons config.yml to switch back to the old event.

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