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  • _ForgeUser9015902 created this issue Jun 19, 2012

    Firstly after reading all the tickets below I would like to say Thank you for this mod and for how active you are at sorting errors.

    I have a few features I'd like to request which I think will improve the mod but are not on your todo list.

    1. Cluster bomb - Give an effect which explodes with a cluster bomb.
    2. player-damage-per-level - For servers with RPG plugins, like heroes, would give admins the ability to configure one shot kills for even their high level players
    3.Mob cannon - On servers with allowed mob eggs make the cannon spawn 1-3 (or more) mobs on impact.
    4. Backfire - Give cannons a chance to backfire, damaging players around the cannon, possibly even with a different chance per ammo type.
    5 Recoil - Make cannons move backwards a block or two (damaging players in the way) if the cannon is not anchored below or to the sides. Heavy damage if the cannon sandwiches a player between the cannon and another block.
    6 Shoot to backfire. - Shooting the front of the cannon with an arrow will cause it to backfire as if it was blocked, damaging the player and disabling the cannon until the arrow is removed.

    I'd also like to say I am very much looking forward to movecraft integration. I'll be installing movecraft soon and flying gunships really appeals to me.

    Thanks for all the good work.

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  • DerPavlov posted a comment Jun 20, 2012

    1. Cluster bomb should explode and and fire projectiles in all directions? Is a little bit hard to implement but I am going to try it.

    2. I would rather implement a level to buy ammo. So if you are lvl 10 you are allowed to use TNT and lvl 999 you can use the nuke. :) I am looking for a good RGP-plugin which provides me the player lvl or the player ability to use certain ammo.

    3. Loading mobs is really funny idea. So consider it as done :)

    4. It was already suggested to give durability to cannons so they blow up with a certain chance.

    5. I am going to implement this cannons move backwards after firing after the movecraft thing is done.

    6. That is really difficult to implement :)

    7. Another funny feature is maybe a chance that the cannonball does not explode or bounces. I see a lucky guy who survived a gunshot because the cannonball does not explode.

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