Cannons v2.3


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    Jul 9, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


Needs worldedit!!
This plugin needs worldedit to start and load cannon schematics.

This version works for 1.8.3+


  • added sentry cannons. The cannon will search targets, calculate a solution, and fire on its own.
  • new sentry cannons + new sentry design
  • disabled angle message for aiming at default. To turn it back on set angles/anglesUpdateMessage: true in the cannon design.
  • left click does not break the cannon anymore while the player is in cannon selection (command) mode
  • added dismantle command to deconstruct a cannon (/cannons dismantle)
  • added vault. Building cannon now costs money, and destroying gets you something back.
  • made cannonslist static, finding cannons in a sphere,... is now static too. Show make it easier for other plugins.
  • fixed impact message spam for redstone fired cannons
  • clicking the barrel to aim is now possible during autoaiming
  • impact predictor will show impact for the last projectile if nothing is loaded
  • added support for named items (syntax: id:data:DisplayName:Lore1:Lore2)
  • added alternative message colors for all status messages. You can use now &1, &2, ...
  • changed magic id to Material. You can now also use 'TORCH:5' instead of '50:5'
  • fixed duplicateiter.remove() when removing fake blocks
  • added fast angle step size for accurate and rough aiming
  • added new load delay