Cannons v2.2


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    Jun 1, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


Needs worldedit!!
There are new options available for designs/projectiles and the main config. Please rename the folders to see whats new


  • added new message: Firing in Progress
  • added new heat mangement. Cannons will heat up during firing and may explode if you exceed the critical temperature
  • added a bunch of new options/messages for heat management
  • new item to meassure the temperature of a cannon (default: gold nugget)
  • new item to cool down a cannon (default: water bucket)
  • all inventorys are now supported on the chest port
  • firing a cannon in autoaiming is now possible with shift+right or left click
  • fixed problem with autoaiming when the player quits while in aiming mode
  • new tool: ramrod
  • cannon requires cleaning before loading the cannon and pushing the projectile into the barrel
  • updated API methodes
  • simplified many classes to improve API handling
  • fixed problem with not reloading config.yml
  • added splash effect when cannonball hits the water surface
  • added a fake explosion when the explosion is too far away for explosion effects
  • fixed bug for autoreload when loading the last projectile
  • made cannons faster while loading the plugin
  • fixed problem with shift + right click to load gunpowder. Now the right amount will be removed from the inventory
  • fixed fire spread on cannon
  • added sound effects for cannon interaction
  • added fake blocks for explosion/firing/aiming
  • new function to updated projectile location if it is not updated by minecraft
  • fixed problem for not recognizing :-1 data values in schematic lists
  • breaking of protected cannon parts is now cancelled.
  • added impact predictor to show impact location (cannon must be loaded)
  • autoreloading is now a two step procedure (first shift+right or left click will load cannon, second will fire)
  • added new cannon selector command
  • added new command to add a player as observer for cannon
  • added immediate firing option when projectile is loaded
  • added option to disable the need of gunpowder in cannons
  • fixed typo for 'defaultHorizontalFacing' !!!!!!
  • new code and config for spawing blocks/entities. You can now set the amount via 'id:data min-max' (e.g 10:0 1-2)
  • arrow sound if explosionPower = -1