Cannons v1.9.2


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    Aug 22, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0


  • fixed: wrong list entries in 'allowed projectile' crash the server
  • eggs and snowballs are loaded probably
  • node cannons.player.adjust works now for aiming mode too
  • Playerdamage uses Eyelocation instead of Location
  • doubled playerdamage in the config. Player max health is now 10.
  • fixed division by zero if max/min cannon length are equal
  • penetration now accepts also negative values
  • player damage is now in hearts not half hearts
  • playerdamage has a option to insert the player name. (If you can't damage anything, turn it off)
  • loading mob eggs
  • redstone can now be applied to the button with wires
  • redstone torches can now be placed everywhere near the cannon
  • Block protection checks only impact location and no the destroyed blocks
  • Factions 1.6.x does not work. Use the latest beta or set 'use protection hooks: false' in the config