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Photo camera recipe:

Photo paper recipe:

How to build tripod camera?

  1. You must place fence and place note block above of it
  2. Right click with photo camera on the any side of note block
  3. Yahoo!

How to configure tripod camera?

  1. You must build tripod camera first
  2. Place sign under the lense (button)
  3. Write on the first line of sign - name of sign owner (your name will be inserted if you will leave this line empty). At second line you must type [photo], [head shot], [top half] or [full length] to configure a camera's "focus". Third line must contain price of photo (only integer values are supported) ro "free" for free photos. Last line must contain a background name: "default" - for default image, "random" - for random and you type the filename (without extension) to point to specified file (For example, "wanted" will point to file "wanted.png").


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