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  • camera-obscura.config - allows to use basic commands
  • camera-obscura.givecamera - allows to use command /photo camera to give camera to player
  • camera-obscura.givepaper - allows to use command /photo paper to give photo paper to player
  • camera-obscura.pixelart - allows to use command /photo paint to create a picture based on the colored wool pixel-art
  • camera-obscura.remove - allows to use command /photo remove
  • camera-obscura.rename - allows to use command /photo rename
  • camera-obscura.allowcopy - allows to use command /photo allowcopy
  • camera-obscura.owner - allows to use command /photo allowcopy
  • camera-obscura.owner.all - player with this permission is "owner of all pictures (maps)" (he can remove, repaint and rename pictures created by other players)
  • - allows to use commands /photo head, /photo top, /photo full
  • camera-obscura.image - allows to use command /photo image
  • camera-obscura.image.large - allows to create large pictures using command /photo image <filename> <dimension|auto>
  • camera-obscura.repaint - allows to use commands /photo repaint
  • camera-obscura.handy.use - allows to use photo camera
  • camera-obscura.tripod-camera.use - allows to use tripod camera
  • camera-obscura.set-sign - allows to set configuration sign for tripod-cameras
  • - allows to build tripod-cameras
  • camera-obscura.fireproof-wool - if player has this permission wool will not burn after painting picture
  • camera-obscura.files - allows to use command /photo files
  • camera-obscura.files.autocreate - enable personal folder autocreation (requires enabled personal-folders in config.yml)
  • camera-obscura.files.all - allows to use command /photo files p:<player name> to list personal folder content of any player


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