• /photo help [command] - help page
  • /photo camera - gives a camera to you
  • /photo paper [amount] - gives a photo paper to you
  • /photo brush - toggles brush-mode
  • /photo list [page] [name mask] - display list of pictures
  • /photo files [page] [filename mask] - display list of files (images)
  • /photo download <name> <url> - download picture from <url> and save it with name <name> at images folder (not fully tested)
  • /photo remove <id> - remove picture with defined id
  • /photo rename <id> <new name> - rename picture
  • /photo allowcopy [id] - toggles copy mode for picture
  • /photo owner [id] <new owner> - set new owner for defined picture
  • /photo head [player] - create a head-shot photo
  • /photo top [player] - create a top-half photo
  • /photo full [player] - create a full-length photo
  • /photo image <filename> - create a new picture using image
  • /photo image <filename> <dimension|auto> - create a large picture using image file. For example: /photo image image.jpg 3x4 will create a large picture that contains 3 rows and 4 columns of maps (totally 12 pictures (map items))
  • /photo paint {center} <name> - paint a pixel-art picture, resized to 128x128
  • /photo repaint {center} <name> - paint a pixel-art picture at the center of map (not resized)
  • /photo id - show information about map in your hands
  • /photo give <picture id> - gives a picture with defined id to you
  • /photo reload - reload configuration
  • /photo rst [player] - repaint pictures
  • /photo cfg - displays configuration


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