I stopped developing this plugin, but it is still working!

Welcome on the bukkit page of cakepoke!

The original minigame is made by GeniusDewKee

How works the minigame?

Everyone get a cake with knockback X. You have to finish a parkour, but you can kill other players by hitting them with the cake. The first one who ends the parcour succesfull wins the game.

Found a bug?

Please create a new ticket and explain it as good as possible.

Include the error, how to get the error and the version and the in the ticket!

How to create a map?

First of all you need a jump parcour map.

It is recommended to make players fall out the world to die.

You can't do this with falldamage, falldamage is disabled while playing.

1. You typ: /cp createmap <MapName>

2. You go to your spawn and typ: /cp setup spawn <MapName>

3. You create a lobby and typ: /cp setup lobby <MapName>

4. You go to the begin of the parcour and typ: /cp setup game <MapName>

5. You can now to things as /cp setup minplayers or /cp setup maxplayers

6. NEW place gold (WIN) and iron (CHECKPOINT) pressure plates over your parcour and remove your [CP] END sign

7. Create a new "join" sign in your hub or somwhere else.

8. Create a new "quit" sign in your lobby (game lobby)

9. Setup your permissions

10. You can play your new game now!


Command Permission What does the command
/cp join <MapName> Join a game
/cp leave Leave a game
/cp start [MapName] cp.start Force the game to start
/cp stop [MapName] cp.stop Force the game to stop
/cp createmap <MapName> cp.createmap Create a new map
/cp removemap <MapName> cp.removemap Remove a map
/cp setup spawn <MapName> cp.setup Set the place where players come when the game ends
/cp setup lobby <MapName> cp.setup Set the place where players come when they join the game
/cp setup game <MapName> cp.setup Set the place where players comewhen the game starts
/cp setup minplayers <MinPlayers> <MapName> cp.setup Set the minimal amount of players before the game starts
/cp setup maxplayers <MaxPlayers> <MapName> cp.setup Set the maximal amount of players in a game



Line 1 = [CP]

Line 2 = join

Line 3 = map name


Line 1 = [CP]

Line 2 = leave

Force start

Line 1 = [CP]

Line 2 = start

Line 3 = map name (Optional)

Turorial Videos



Do you have a video for me??? Send me a private message or comment this plugin.


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