This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


  • OzRavenheart - $10
  • JemiloII - $5


  • customizable zones
  • control which creatures can spawn in each zone
  • control who has rights in each zone
  • multi-world support
  • healing
  • build protection
  • chest protection
  • fire protection
  • explosion protection
  • wilderness control
  • custom messages upon entering zones
  • custom messages upon protection actions

Known Issues:

  • you can place doors and one or two other items in build protected zones

Try it out!


  • /zone - tells the player which zone they are currently in

Usage: Define your zones like in the included example zones.yml file. Anything outside of all known zones is the wilderness, and is protected.

YML settings explained:

  [zone name or zone owner's player handle]: if a player has the zone's name as their minecraft name, they will have rights in this zone
    world: [world name] which world this zone is in
    enterMsg: [message] OPTIONAL, message to player upon entering zone
    min: [x,y,z] minimum coordinates of the zone (bottom left corner of your zone, basically)
    max: [x,y,z] minimum coordinates of the zone (top right corner)
    healing: [true/false] whether this zone should heal players while they are in it
    pvp: [true/false] whether this zone is pvp or not
    players: other player that have rights in this zone
      - 'playername1'
      - 'playername2'
    creatures: list of creatures NOT allowed to spawn in this zone
      build: [true/false] OR [true/false],[msg] whether other players can build in this zone (if not owner and not listed in players list)
      explosion: [true/false] OR [true/false],[msg] whether explosions are cancelled in this zone
      chest: [true/false] OR [true/false],[msg] whether other players can open chests in this zone or not
      fire: [true/false] OR [true/false],[msg] whether fire is cancelled in this zone or not

Wilderness Control: The wilderness can be controlled by a zone named "wilderness" in the config file. The only differences are that it has no min or max coordinates and has the property hurting instead of healing, which sets whether players will be damaged while in the wilderness. Players listed in the players section of the wilderness will not be harmed while in the wilderness, and will have rights in the wilderness.


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