Temperature Module

Temperature Effects:

An extra module for disease, this adds new temperature based effects to the game depending on the players temperature:

  • Heat - can cause heat stroke - fatigue, confusion
  • Cold - can cause hypothermia - increased chance of pneumonia, freezing slowness, blindness

Stay cool by wearing less in warm climates, sheltering indoors in desert sun, not holding hot items such as lava buckets, and going out at night.

Stay warm by wearing more clothes in the cold, lighting campfires, carrying hot items, staying out of water, and stay indoors during storms and at night.

Build a campfire

campfire The Campfire is built by placing a circle of cobble steps around a log in the ground, once lit this will stay lit enabling you to stay warm in cold climates.

Ways to get warm:

  • Stay indoors in cold areas, especially in storms or at night.
  • hold a warm item such as a torch, lava bucket
  • Stand near to a campfire or torch or other warm block
  • Keep dry
  • Wear armour especially leather
  • stay in warm climates

ways to cool down:

  • Go for a swim
  • Stay indoors in desert climates
  • Wear no armour
  • Go outside during storms
  • stay away from heat producing blocks

Your body temperature will be affected by the ambient temperature around you, this is calculated by factors such as biome, rain, armour, day/night, indoors/outdoors etc

Get below 1 degree ambient and your body temperature will start to decrease slowly, get below -5 degrees ambient and body temp will decrease fast. This wont affect you until you reach a body temperature of -40 at which point you will start to become ill, more prone to cold diseases and start to seize up and get frostbite.

You can get better simply by warming yourself up - get into a warmer area and your body temp will increase back to normal. (around 0 - 5)

Don't go too hot though or you will start to suffer from heatstroke.


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