Added items can only be crafted by OPs #37

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  • Forge_User_35832907 created this issue Mar 13, 2020

    Items that are added by the plugin (ex : the splint, the bandages etc) can only be crafted by the ops . An ordinary player cannot craft them.

  • Forge_User_35832907 added a tag Defect Mar 13, 2020
  • hmmcrunchys posted a comment Mar 16, 2020

    HI have you added the permissions for the players to craft them 

  • InfinityCubedGaming posted a comment Dec 11, 2020

    But how does one do this? the server i am on is having an issue where only OPs can craft the cures and i am unsure how to fix this. Some help or more specific instructions would be appreciated. also is there a way to turn off the plugin for specific players other than them being in creative? some players like the server but dont want to deal with the temperature system and its negative effects

    Edited Dec 11, 2020
  • hmmcrunchys posted a comment Dec 12, 2020



    if you take a peek at the main page you have the permissions that have to be added for each item to be crafted 


    add those to the player perm group and that should sort 


    if you add a player to disease.immune permission they will not have to worry about diseases  

  • flussziege posted a comment Jan 21, 2021

    could u give me the specific command(s)? im to stupid


  • hmmcrunchys posted a comment Jan 22, 2021

    what permissions plugin do you have 

  • moo13_13 posted a comment Feb 6, 2021

    Can you give me a really easy tutorial on how to give people who aren't opped permissions to craft anything the plugin adds as well as be able to look at /remedy list and /disease info. The only plugin I have installed is the disease one.

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