As BukkitDev staff have left the team I am no longer updating the plugin on here, Please visit the discussion on Spigot, I will move all updates and information over soon - If plugin releases start to get accepted I will think about moving over downloads back to bukkit - As for other plugins you can view my uploads here


Allows you to create signs which can be used to buy or rent WorldGuard regions. The plugin works with all Vault supported economy systems as it requires Vault for economy support.

Please create a ticket for problems else they get lost in the comments.

Plugin work and update

I have pushed build 1.1.7 out (Pending to be released) to squat bugs and fix anything that appears, The plugin has been tested on a spigot / bukkit 1.7.8 build and is working successful with no errors. Please report anything you get into the comments so we can go through and fix these problems together :)

PS: Try and use pastebin when pasting a error


A UUID safe build will be released soon along with bug fixes when some are found.


  1. Put BuyRegion.jar in your plugins directory.
  2. Do a /reload to reload your plugins.
  3. Configure your permissions if needed.
  4. Enjoy!


  • buyregion.create - allows the creation of [BuyRegion] and [RentRegion] signs.
  • buyregion.admin - allows usage of admin commands.
  • buyregion.exempt - allows player to bypass BuyRegionMax
  • - allows player to buy a region (if config requires)
  • - allows player to rent a region (if config requires)

(note: OPs have all nodes)


Create a BuyRegion Sign

  1. : [BuyRegion]
  2. : <regionname>
  3. : <price>
  4. : unused/any

Example Sign

  1. [BuyRegion]
  2. epic_store
  3. 200

The previous would make a sign that would sell region 'epic_store' for '200' of your economy currency.

Create a RentRegion Sign

  1. : [RentRegion]
  2. : <regionname>
  3. : <price>
  4. : <timespan>

Example Sign

  1. [RentRegion]
  2. epic_store
  3. 200
  4. 7 days

The previous would make a sign that would rent region 'epic_store' for '200' of your economy currency for 7 days. Once rented properties expire, the region is automatically put back up for rent. If the renter has auto-renew turned on, the property will be renewed to them if they have the available money. See notes for information about sign replacement.

Buy a Region

  1. The player must enter buy mode by typing /buyregion
  2. The player must right-click a BuyRegion sign.

(note: if the player right-clicks a BuyRegion sign while not in buy mode, they will be prompted to enter buy mode.)

(note: if RequireBuyMode is set to false the player will not be required to enter buy mode before buying or renting a region.)

Rent a Region

  • Same as buying a region, see above.

Player Commands

  • /buyregion - toggles buy mode
  • /buyregion renew <region> - renews rental on <region>
  • /buyregion autorenew - shows current autorenew status
  • /buyregion autorenew <true/false> - sets auto-renew for all of the player's rentals
  • /buyregion help - shows help screen

Admin Commands

  • /buyregion buycheck <player> - checks total bought regions for <player>
  • /buyregion rentcheck <player> - checks total rented regions for <player>
  • /buyregion buyset <player> <amount> - sets total bought regions for <player>
  • /buyregion rentset <player> <amount> - sets total rented regions for <player>
  • /buyregion buymax - displays current BuyRegionMax
  • /buyregion buymax <amount> - sets BuyRegionMax
  • /buyregion rentmax - displays current RentRegionMax
  • /buyregion rentmax <amount> - sets RentRegionMax
  • /buyregion buymode - shows the current RequireBuyMode setting
  • /buyregion buymode <true/false> - sets RequireBuyMode
  • /buyregion buyperms - shows the current RequireBuyPerms setting
  • /buyregion buyperms <true/false> - sets RequireBuyPerms
  • /buyregion rentperms - shows the current RequireRentPerms setting
  • /buyregion rentperms <true/false> - sets RequireRentPerms
  • /buyregion evict <region> - performs an eviction on <region>
  • /buyregion help - shows all commands

(note: Setting BuyRegionMax or RentRegionMax to 0 makes it unlimited)


Timespan Examples
  • 1 day
  • 15 secs
  • 20 mins
  • 5 h
Accepted Time Values
  • Seconds: s, sec, secs, second, seconds
  • Minutes: m, min, mins, minute, minutes
  • Hours: h, hour, hours
  • Days: d, day, days

Config Options

  • BuyRegionMax - max regions a player can buy with BuyRegion
  • RentRegionMax - max regions a player can rent with BuyRegion
  • CheckExpirationsInMins - how often to check for expired rented regions IN MINUTES
  • RequireBuyMode - is buy mode required to be on to use buy/rent signs? Recommended: true
  • RequireBuyPerms - require the player to have to buy a region
  • RequireRentPerms - require the player to have to rent a region
  • DateFormat - Sets the date format - Accepted Values: Default, US, EU

Date Formats

  • Default - year/month/day
  • US - month/day/year
  • EU - day/month/year

Message Configuration

  • All messages that are sent to a player can be changed by editing your config.yml in the 'Messages' section.
  • Between the name of the field and the contents you should be able to figure out which is which.
  • Sentences that seem to just end will probably have the value placed there.. consider this when making changes.
  • No admin messages can be changed... would be a lot of work on my end for nothing.


  • Auto-renew is defaulted to OFF for all players. They will only need to turn it on once, however.
  • Only use 1 [RentRegion] sign per rentable region. For performance reasons it does not properly support multiple signs per region. It will let you create them, but it will probably lead to strange behavior. This applies to [BuyRegion] signs also.
  • I would recommend trying to avoid original RentRegion signs being destroyed.. the replacement of them is still a little sketchy for positioning. I do plan to look at this but was trying to get a release out with the renting for all the people currently dead in the water from that other plugin going inactive.
  • The CheckExpirationsInMins config setting can accept decimals.. so 0.05 = 3 seconds for instance. Although I wouldn't recommend going less than 0.5 for that setting. With a lot of rented regions it could be a taxing operation. Best left to 5+ minutes for average servers that rent things for days, and not minutes or seconds.
  • I didn't bother making the signs indestructible as the idea is to place it inside the already defined protected region.. which would typically make it unbreakable anyways. Furthermore, for performance reasons I'm trying very hard to avoid hooking the block break event.


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