Burning Creative Suite

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Creativity Re-Imagined
Requires CB 1549+ || Current Version: v1.8

I apologize, but due to time constraints and sheer lack of focus on my part, I can no longer maintain this plugin. I will ensure that this plugin stays up-to-date and working for every RB, but I will no longer be working on adding features and general optimization of the script. From this point on I will only be making sure that it works properly, but fear not! This plugin is open-source, so if there are any who wish to help keep this plugin in top-shape, adding new features and optimizing the script to fix the lag issues, please submit a pull request on Git and I will test your work. If it is satisfactory, it will become a part of this plugin. Happy Holidays everyone!
Link to git repo: Link

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What does this plugin do? To be put simply, you won't ever have to worry about players in Creative Mode interfering with Survival Mode players. Want to have Creative Mode players to live alongside the Survival Mode players without having to worry about Creative Mode players "making it easier" for the Survival Mode players? This plugin will take care of that! Want to keep your hard-earned items separate from your items that you've spawned into the world? This plugin does that too! Still interested? Read below and check it out!


  • Prevents players in Creative Mode from dropping items
  • Prevents players in Creative Mode from placing items in chests/furnaces/dispensers/workbenches(crafting tables)
  • Prevents players in Creative Mode from breaking bedrock at the bottom of the world
  • Prevents Endermen from picking up/placing blocks in the world. "Now they can only stare at you angrily! ...Then chase you down and kill you. :D"
  • Separates Creative Mode and Survival Mode inventories!
  • Configurable! Everything can be disabled or enabled!
  • Permissions! Players can be given exclusive rights to bypass certain functions when enabled with a permissions node!
  • Can start and stop time!

    WARNING: It is not recommended that you edit any of the inventory files unless you are deleting them. Corruption could possibly occur and break the plugin


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