Do you own a BungeeCord network with a couple of servers? Do you use NoCheatPlus? Are you tired of switching between servers to check for cheaters? Are you annoyed of players complaining about cheaters? Do you like to punish cheaters? Then you will probably enjoy and maybe even love this plugin!


BungeeNCPNotify hooks into NoCheatPlus and reports violations (configurable) of certain checks to staff members on other servers. Notification


# BungeeNCPNotify Configuration

  # Toggle if the plugin should check for updates and auto-update the plugin (recommended).
  enable-updater: true
  # Toggle if the plugin should send Metrics data to MCStats.org (recommended).
  enable-metrics: true
  # Toggle if a notification should get sent to other servers.
  enable-send: true
  # Toggle if notifications from other servers should get received and handled.
  enable-receive: true
  # Set how much time should pass until another notification about the same player gets sent (in seconds).
  notify-cooldown: 90
  # Toggle if no notification should get sent when a staff member is online on the server.
  check-staff: true
  # Notification that gets sent to the other servers
  report-message: '&c%player% &efailed check on &c%server%&e: &c%check% &e(&cVL: %violation%&e)'

# You can set here the minimum required violation, which must be achieved so that the player gets reported to the other servers.
# Set violation to 0 or lower to disable the notification for the specific check.
# You do not have to set violation to -1 if the check was disabled in the NoCheatPlus configuration.
    direction: 15
    fastbreak: 2
    frequency: 8
    noswing: 15
    reach: 8
    wrongblock: 15
    direction: 15
    reach: 8
    speed: 300
    visible: 15
    autosign: 15
    direction: 15
    fastplace: 150
    reach: 8
    noswing: 15
    speed: 225
    color: 2
    commands: -1
    captcha: -1
    text: -1
    relog: -1
    bedleave: 2
    improbable: 2
    munchhausen: 150
    angle: 375
    critical: 75
    direction: 30
    fastheal: 15
    godmode: 2
    noswing: 15
    reach: 15
    selfhit: 2
    speed: 2
    drop: 2
    fastclick: 75
    instantbow: 23
    instanteat: 2
    fastconsume: 2
    gutenberg: 2
    creativefly: 150
    morepackets: 15
    morepacketsvehicle: 15
    nofall: 2
    passable: 15
    survivalfly: 150
    flyingfrequency: -1
    keepalivefrequency: 15


To see cheat notifications, you need either the permission nocheat.admin or the permission nocheatplus.notify (NoCheatPlus Permissions).

You count as staff member (regarding the general.check-staff configuration option) if you have the permission nocheatplus.notify.

You can toggle notifications for yourself by using the /notify command.


This plugin is a Spigot plugin, so you have to put the downloaded plugin file into the Spigot plugins folder!


Updater will check for new updates of this plugin, automatically download and install the update on your server. The update will go alive after a restart or reload, it won't restart your server without asking you. You can disable this process for all plugins in the Updater configuration or for this plugin in its own configuration in the plugin directory. It's recommended to leave this option enabled.

MCStats.org (Metrics)

This plugin will send Metrics data about your server to MCStats.org (see here). It collects data about your Operating System, System Arch, System Cores, Server Location, Java Version, Minecraft Auth Mode (Online/Offline Mode), Minecraft Game Version and Minecraft Server Software. This data gets sent completely anonymously - server names, server addresses or similar don't get collected. Everyone is able to see the anonymous data. The Metrics System helps me to see the demand of the plugin and shows an overview about the different configurations of servers. Nobody want and will harm you with these data. If you wish to disable it, you can do it in the plugin's configuration. But I'd really appreciate it if you keep it enabled.

Source Code

You can take a look at the source code on GitHub. Please note the license (CC BY-SA 4.0), otherwise I'm forced to take actions.


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