Bungeen is a plugin that connects to another Minecraft server by right-clicking a signboard.


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Installation method

Please put jar in the plugins folder.
Please put it only in the plugin folder of spigot or bukkit.

Note: It is recommended that you use a protection plug-in such as LWC or WorldGuard.
Required plugin BungeeCord.


1. Create signbord.

line1 [bungeen] Fixed character string
line2 hub Specify server name to be used with /server command
line3 IP address used for status check
line4 25565 Port used for status check


2. Reload. Input the /bungeen reload command in the chat field and press the Enter key.


3. Other command.

/bungeen reload - Reload the configuration.
/bungeen setname [server name] [value] - Set the display value of the first line of the signboard.
/bungeen setcomment [server name] [value] - Set the display value of the last line of the signboard.
/bungeen remove [server name] - Remove the setting of the specified server name.
/bungeen addmember [server name] [playername] - Everyone can pass before this command is executed.If more than one player is added, only those who are added can pass.
/bungeen delmember [server name] [playername] - Delete players permitted to pass through.Everyone can pass if everyone is deleted.
/bungeen delallmember [server name] - Delete all players permitted to pass through.Everyone can pass if everyone is deleted.
4. Configure(config.yml)
  online: §1§lOnline
  offline: §8§lOffline
  blink: §1§lRight click!
  deny: §8§lAccess denied
  coolingdown: §8§lCooling down
  anotherserver: §8§l%player% went to another internal server
  retrylimit: 3                      # Maximum number of retries(Please adjust when it goes offline with stator check.)
  retryclearinterval: 86400    # If the number of retries for status check exceeds the limit, no status check is performed.
                                                  # However, when the number of seconds specified here is exceeded,
                                                  # the number of retries is reset to 0 times.


Only the op can perform setting work.


Do not assume any responsibility by use. Please use it at your own risk.


A message is defined in the configuration file. Please refer to the wiki for each language setting.


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