All available in game commands are:

/accept <command> - accepts the <command> vote

/vote day - makes day for the world

/vote night - makes night for the world

/vote eternalday - makes infinite day for the world

/vote eternalnight - makes infinite night for the world

/vote storm - toggles rain/snow

/vote thunder - toggles a thunderstorm

/vote mute <name> - mutes a player

/vote unmute <name> - unmutes a player

/bvunmute - unmutes a BukkitVote muted player (only for ops)

/fvote <command> - Forces a specific command to execute (should be for ops)

(e.g. /fvote kick sillyname - kicks sillyname)

/vote help - gives help

/vote kick <name> - kicks <name>

/vote ban <name> - bans <name>

/vote worldinfo - gives information about the current world you're in (e.g if something permanent is on) does not need to be voted for<</code>>

There is one hidden command for fvote with which you can strike players with lightning.

There are no other commands and because of many requests:It is not possible to execute commands from other plugins. Only these will work.


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