1. Anyone can make secondary use of this software, such as altering and redistributing, within range of following conditions. a. Software using this software is required to place copyright notice on every copy of the software or an important part which users can see and recognize. b. Software using this software is required to keep all copyright notice mentioned by this software. c. It is required to place a link on an important part of the software and a distribution page to distribute software using this software. d. License for software using this software must be the same as this software; any change for the license is not allowed. It is also necessary to distribute the software free of charge. e. Any additional license regarding secondary use of software using this software is not allowed. f. Software using this software is required to show this text or place a link to this text(http://mamesoft.jp/license/mol_1.0). g. All parts of software using this software have to be free of charge. 2. Author and copyright holder of this software assume no responsibility for this software. 3. Do not hurt author or copyright holder of this software. If you do so, author or copyright holder will never hesitate to take you to court. 4. This license can be applied to any software as long as it is not altered. 5. Users of the software using this software are not required to agree this license. Note that whoever make secondary use of this software need to agree this license. (注釈: これは正式なものではない。日本語版が正式なライセンスである) This text is unofficial English version of Mamesoft Open License. See Japanese version for official license. http://mamesoft.jp/license/mol_1.0_plain