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BukkitNeeds Plugin

Have you ever wanted to create a fun server for people but then you need to download a million plugins? Now with BukkitNeeds you can get all of the plugins and more in one plugin! BNS adds many commands like /home and /warp. It also adds many commands and other things from my other plugins I've made. The plugin is faintly based off of essentials but gives more borad commands and things to Bukkit. Permissions are simple to use and manage. We are looking for people to help build more so if you see anything go to our GitHub page soon to be put up.


  • /BukkitN - The Main Command for the plugin.
  • /myspawn - Sets the location you as a player will spawn.
  • /speedn - Sets your fly speed to normal.
  • /speedh - Sets your fly speed to half.
  • /speedf - Sets your fly speed to fast.
  • /flyon - Turns on fly mode.
  • /flyoff - Turns off fly mode.
  • Commands are still being setup at the moment. The plugin is still in its dev stage.


  • Null as of now.


  • The plugin is still in its dev stage so if you would like to contribute go to Github and create some code.
  • Github Project Page


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