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Want to make it easier for people that aren't currently playing to be able to chat with players? How about using IRC as a backbone for that chat system? Introducing BukkitIRCd Reloaded!

BukkitIRCd is a Bukkit plugin that lets you do one of two things. 1) Run a built-in IRC server that is linked to ingame chat, or 2) link ingame chat to an existing InspIRCd server.

Unlike other IRC plugins, ingame users show as separate users on IRC to make conversations easier and the IRC chatroom cleaner.

This plugin is a continuation of the work by Jdbye here, with permission.


Runs as either a standalone IRC server, or a IRC link to any InspIRCd server.
Standalone IRC server with ingame chat, easily integrated with website using an IRC widget or applet.
Nickname suffix for ingame players to differentiate between IRC and normal players.
Nick changing on IRC shows up ingame.
Public chat from IRC to game, and game to IRC.
Private messaging from game to IRC, IRC to game, and IRC to IRC.
Kicking, banning and listing IRC users and setting topic from IRC and ingame.
Reply quickly to messages using /ircreply
Ingame users show as separate users on IRC.
Execute server commands from IRC. (oper only)
IRC notices from IRC to game, and IRC to IRC.
IRC joins/quits show up ingame, and vice versa.
Customizable MOTD read from motd.txt
Customizable messages read from messages.yml
User modes (op, protect, voice, etc.) based on permissions nodes.
Customizable color code conversion between IRC<->Game.
IRC formatting codes are supported ingame using ^B for bold, ^I for italic, ^U for underline, ^O for normal and ^K for color, and are stripped from ingame chat.
Dynmap support - IRC messages show up on Dynmap, and vice versa.
Request more features on our Github Issues page.


/irckick nick (reason)Kicks someone from IRC. Aliases: /ikick
/ircban (type) nick/ip/fullhost (reason)Bans an online user from IRC by their host, IP, nick or ident, or offline user by IP or full hostmask. (type) = host/ip/ident/nick. Aliases: /iban
/ircunban ip/fullhostUnbans a user from IRC. Aliases: /iunban
/irclistLists all users currently on IRC. Aliases: /ilist
/ircwhois nickLooks up any user currently on IRC. Aliases: /iwhois
/ircmsg nick messagePrivate messages any user currently on IRC. Aliases: /imsg, /im
/ircreply messageReply to the last message you received from IRC. Aliases: /ireply, /ir
/irctopic newtopicChanges the IRC topic. Aliases: /itopic
/irclinkAttempts to link to the remote IRC server if in linking mode. Aliases: /ilink
/ircreloadReloads the configuration file. Aliases: /ireload
/rawsend commandFor debugging purposes only. Sends a raw server command in linking mode. Disabled by default in the config file.
!playersIRC command to list online players.


bukkitircd.kickPermission for /irckick
bukkitircd.banPermission for /ircban
bukkitircd.unbanPermission for /ircunban
bukkitircd.listPermission for /irclist
bukkitircd.whoisPermission for /ircwhois
bukkitircd.msgPermission for /ircmsg
bukkitircd.replyPermission for /ircreply
bukkitircd.topicPermission for /irctopic
bukkitircd.linkPermission for /irclink
bukkitircd.reloadPermission for /ircreload
bukkitircd.*Gives the player permission to all of the above.
bukkitircd.operGives the player IRC Operator status
Gives the player the corresponding IRC user mode
bukkitircd.mode.*Gives the player every available IRC user mode

Source is included in the JAR file and is licensed under GPLv3 GNU General Public License.

Note: Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.
These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
Full Stats at MCStats.org


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