As the process of setting up isn't as easy as it could be, this page will attempt to describe it. This page is not yet complete.

If you don't have an InspIRCd server readily available to link to, this is the best way to get started. However, note that this is the least secure way of running this. Keep in mind that there is currently no security against bots or any kinds of attacks, and we highly recommend building your own InspIRCd soon after trying this out. The initial setup is very easy. Simply place the jar in your plugins folder, and launch your server (or, if you have a plugin manager, load the jar). This will not only create the default files for you, but also launch the new IRC server and automatically link to the game chat. To test it out, just open an IRC client and connect to your server's ip (make sure the port 6667 is forwarded). When you connect, you'll automatically be sent to the #minecraft channel, and inside it should be at least one client other than you, named Minecraft. This is the default bot that does a number of things;
  • Controls the newly created server
  • Is able to relay the list of players with !players
  • Automatically sets user modes for players who connect (say you give "builders" automatic voice)
  • Forward any messages from Dynmap to IRC
To give yourself server operator status on the IRC server, you have to edit the config. You'll find oper-username and oper-password. These two you'll want to modify (username here is not the same as your ingame OR IRC name, more of a special "admin" account that is IRC-specific). Then, after reloading/restarting the server, just /oper TheUsername ThePassword. You can also find the bot in the #minecraft-staff channel, where it can (additionally) do the following;
  • Display some messages from console (like announcements and broadcasts)
  • Allow channel operators to easily run console commands

Already own an InspIRCd powered IRC server? Here's how to link it to your ingame chat. This is the recommended method as you can run your own services and set up your own security for your IRC server. To set this up, edit your config.yml to use 'inspircd' mode instead of 'standalone.' You will then need to set up a link to the Minecraft Server, using the links.conf in InspIRCd. Once that's done, edit the config.yml and add the IP and passwords, then you should be good to go!