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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.1
  • 1.5.0
  • 1.4.7


New Features

  • /say and death messages can be shown in the main channel, if enabled in the config
  • IRC modes now have configurable prefixes and suffixes (set in messages.yml). You will also have to update lines in messages.yml (like irc-message) to include %PREFIX% and %SUFFIX% accordingly
  • Regex filter for what messages show in the staff channel (these must include .+ on the end)
  • Say and death message colouring can be toggled in the config (note: /say is not natively capable of custom colour codes, and will therefore remove them)
  • Sending messages from ingame to IRC shows contents
  • PluginMetrics - if you do not want this, enable opt-out in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml
  • Added some new debug codes for messages you normally see - if something goes on, we need them


  • Compatible with 1.5.1 (not that 1.0 wasn't)
  • Formatting codes now work everywhere
  • When a player is kicked, it now shows a kick message instead of a disconnect with 'Kick' as the reason
  • Sometimes running commands in the staff channel or kicking a player from IRC would freeze the server - this will no longer happen
  • The staff channel now has full console permissions
  • The player list now uses Minecraft colour codes
  • The 'ingame suffix' is no longer shown to players when you mention them - this can be disabled in the config
  • Players are no longer given multiple IRC modes - it was unnecessary, but if you prefer the old functionality edit the config
Note: If this is the first time you are trying this plugin, be sure to copy over the provided config.yml and messages.yml, as they do not correctly generate yet.
  • Standalone server allows infinite connections from one location
  • Standalone server will error when someone disconnects from IRC
  • Standalone will not respond to PING, some clients will complain that there is lag, even though there is none
  • The config file is not always read (could be a standalone issue)
  • When initially linking, if players are already online, they will not be ranked based on permissions
  • If an IRC username is already in use, the player will use their ID, which is an alphanumerical string
  • Some console commands will not show responses in the staff channel - the LagMeter plugin is a good example
  • IRC messages can only be a certain length - currently staff messages are limited to 299 characters
  • In some cases /whois on a player (from IRC) doesn't respond
  • When linking, usually all IRC users are listed ingame as connecting
Note: If you find issues in this version that are not listed here, please let us know on our Github Issues page. Please include your Bukkit version, and use relevant labels.