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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.4.6
  • 1.4.2


Note: This change log is the only one that will compare against the newest build (from March '12) of the original BukkitIRCd. Future change logs will be against previous builds of BukkitIRCd Reloaded.
  • Made compatible with Bukkit 1.4.6
  • Use ASyncPlayerChat
  • Moved exclusively to SuperPerms (no more Permissions 2.0 dependencies)
  • Messages.yml file now uses ampersands (&) instead of section signs (§)
  • Number of minor changes in code for coloured messages
Note: If you are updating from a BukkitIRCd build, please modify your messages.yml file accordingly. If this is the first time you are trying this plugin, be sure to copy over the provided config.yml and messages.yml
  • On first run the messages.yml and config.yml are not created
  • For some configurations, all IRC -> MC messages may show up in the staff channel
  • Idents are not masked automatically
  • Standalone server repeatedly states it's lagging when it's not
  • New in-game formatting codes (bold, italic, etc) are not yet supported
  • Standalone server allows infinite connections from one location
  • Standalone server will error when someone disconnects from console
  • A whois from IRC -> MC gets no response
  • The config file is not always read (could be a standalone issue)
Found more bugs? Let us know on our Github Issues page.