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Used cases

Examples on what you can do with BukkitInventoryTools.


You can now write&read books.


You can now create an Inventory in a Bookshelf to store items.

  1. Create and place a bookshelf the normal way.
  2. Right-Click on the bookshelf, and the GUI pops op. Press "Create"
  3. Right-Click Second time and the Inventory will open.

You can also lock the Bookshelf with a DigiLock if you want. Just point at the Bookshelf and press Hotkey L.


Use a Dispenser as a shop.

  1. Point at the Dispenser and press "Hotkey L"
  2. Enter a pincode
  3. Place some items you want to sell.
  4. Press Lock.
  5. Place a Lever or a stone_button next to the Dispenser
  6. Point at the Lever and Press "Horkey L".
  7. Set "Use cost" to 10
  8. Add user "everyone" to the users field.
  9. Press Lock.

Now everybody can pull the Lever and get one item from the Dispenser and they will be charged 10 bucks. Notice that the Owner of the Lever and the Dispenster must be the same! Only the Owner will be accredited, when a user pull the lever. CoOwners does not pay.


Use a Door/Trapddor/DoubleDoor as an entrance, where users pay to pass the door.

  1. Point at the Door and Press "Horkey L".
  2. Set "Use cost" to 20
  3. Add user "everyone" to the Users field.
  4. Press Lock.

Now the door works as an entrance where everybody can pass, but they will be charged 20 bucks.


Autoclose normal door so Monsters can pass the door if the player forget to close the door.

  1. Point at the door and press "Hotkey L".
  2. Leave the the pincode field empty.
  3. Set closetimer to 5 seconds.
  4. Add a users "everyone" to the users field.
  5. Press the "Lock" button.

Now everyone can pass the door, using his fingerprint and the door autocloses after 5 seconds.

Protect you secret chamber by locking a door with you fingerprint

  1. Lock door with the pincode field empty

Now it is only you who can use the door. Notice that you need to protect the chamber with a protection plugin like Regios or Worldguard


When a player opens the playerinventory, a chest, a doublechest, a dispenser, Bookshelf inventory or SpoutBackPack the player can press "Hotkey S" to sort and stack items in the inventory.


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