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Future releases

To do

This is planed features:

  • Add configuration to allow separation of modules. Admins will be able to enable/disable specific parts of BITS.
  • Protect the Jukebox with DigiLock. Done V3.0.8
  • Saving Backpack Inventory to SQLite/MySQL.
  • making an special item - a DigiLock KEY to open digilocks with. (w7gamer)
  • Add sharing feature to Backpack to decide which worlds the backpack is shared between. (crazyish) Done.
  • Integration with area protection systems like Residence, Regios & WorldGuard. (Vejnemejnen)
  • Books: "Copy button". If the player tries to move the book from the inventory, he will get a copy.
  • Books: "Force button". Force the book into the players inventory. (Admin feature ONLY)
  • Books: "Moved button". If flag set, the book can not be moved from the inventory. V2.9.8
  • Books: "Master button". Makes the book as a master book, so all copies of the book will be updated with the changes in the master copy.
  • Add feature to the DigiLock, so that the owner can specify how often the DigiLock can be used. (like once per hour, once per day, per week and so on)
  • Support for the Fence gate. Done V2.7.7
  • Create Books to place in the the Bookshelfs. Like Bookworm and other book plugins, but with a GUI. Done V2.7.6
  • Specify whic items can be stored in a Bookshelf - configurable: paper, books, maps, and paintings.
  • Write on paper (1 page) write in Books after adding paper til the book starting with 3.
  • Configurable if Bookshelfs are destroyed or placed at ground, when they breaks. Done V2.7.7
  • Change the Configuration system to the new Bukkit Configuration system. Done V2.6.4
  • Log creation and ownership of blocks I protect, so users can only lock their own blocks. (configurable in config.yml and with permissions) (Nibelton)
  • Create an inventory bank, where you can save money.
  • Create an Bookshelf - Library - Inventory. Done V2.5.9
  • Add support for bPermissions. (rudedoggx) Done V2.7.8
  • Add pay to use feature on doors and levers Done V2.4.1
  • Add pay to use for dispensers - This make a dispenser work like a shop! Done V2.4.1
  • Make DigiLock work on double doors. Done V2.3.9
  • DigiLock Bookshelfs with a pincode (fingerprint works now). Done V2.6.0
  • DigiLock Buttons with a pincode (fingerprint works now). Done V2.6.5
  • Change the image of the chest to a door, when a user locks a door (and so on...). or to a picture of the Digilock.
  • DigiLock Levers with a pincode. (Fingerprint works now). Done V2.5.3
  • Add numbered buttons to the pincode screen and limit number of digits to four. (LimeByte)
  • Integration to iConomy Done! V2.3.6
  • Add "digital" sound to the DigiLock, so it will be more similar to real world. I need some soundfiles. Does anyone know where to find some? Done V2.2.7
  • Lock furnaces with the DigiLock. Done! V 2.2.4
  • Lock dispensers with the DigiLock. Done! V2.2.4
  • Protection on TrapDoors and Signs (Lakanate) Done V2.2.3
  • Add the Owner to the DigiLock so it can be locked by name - without a pincode, if the player wants that. (So he don't have to remember a code). Done V2.1.6
  • Add CoOwners to the named DigiLock, so users can share it without a code. Done V2.1.6
  • Punish the player if he enters a wrong code. V 2.1.3
  • Protect the inventory, so it cant be broken. Done V2.0.8
  • Deleting DigiLock's. Done! V 2.0.1
  • Admins can configure which items in the 5 groups in config.yml. Done! V 2.0
  • Implement a configurable way of sorting in the config.yml. Done V1.2.5
  • User request: Integration to other inventories like SpoutBackpack.... Done! V1.2
  • Automatically create missing parameters in config.yml. Done V1.2
  • User request: Implement permissionsnodes to specify which items the users can stack..... Done! V1.1.7
  • User request: Implement activation by keystrokes (Configurable)...... Done! V1.1

User wishes

This features I will implement if possible:

  • User request: Use the middle mousebutton to sort (like Hotkey S). This is waiting on a comming Spout feature.
  • Integration to MyWolf's inventory.
  • Integration to Bookit and Bookworm.
  • You are welcome to suggest integration to other usefull inventories.
  • Multilanguage support. (Darvizar) I there is more server admins who want to have multilanguage support, then I want to hear from your. (Kostet_9804)


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