• Bugfix. Book title & author show correct again.





  • Bugfix. Fixed bug in GUI cleanup method.


  • Bugfix. Anyone could delete and remove a DigiLock with Control+Right Click on the mouse. (Ticket 184)



  • Bugfix. Doubledoors works again.


  • Build with CraftBukkit 1.0.1-R1, Spout 644, SpoutCraft 942


  • Fixed a bug, where the Balance in money widget was not updated.
  • Build with CraftBukkit 1572, Spout 633, SpoutCraft 843.


  • Fixed the Money Widget, shown when the player opens the BITBackpack, Player Inventory or Workbench. (Ticket 152)


  • Added DigiLock support for the Jukebox.


  • Added a new command "/bit reload" and permission "BukkitInventoryTools.Admin" so admins can reload BIT configurations without restarting the server.


  • Compiled & tested with Minecraft 1.0.0, SpoutCraft Build Dev.Build 843, Spout 585. Craftbukkit 1550


  • Bugfix. Removed debug information to myself. (Ticket 151)


  • Bugfix. Bookshelf/Items was not droped. (Ticket 149)
  • Bugfix: Removed "no permission" spam. (Ticket 148)
  • Bugfix: Wrong backpack size when reloading the server. (Ticket 147)

Version 3.0.3

  • Added feature so the DigiLock.Sound is configurable in config.yml (Ticket 139)

Version 3.0.2

  • Added Default value for Sharing Backpack between different worlds. (Ticket 146)

Version 3.0.1

  • Bugfix. Bookshelfs could not be removed. (Ticket 135)

Version 3.0.0

  • Bugfix on BLOCK_PHYSICS event. (Ticket 133)
  • Cycle direct between Backpack,Workbench & Player inventory with KEY_B, KEY_N & KEY_E (Ticket 131)
  • Bugfix. "/bpack buy" can now be used with the internal permissions system. (Ticket 132)
  • Bugfix. If player used /bpack to open backpack and then clicked in the inventory an error was thrown in the console.

Version 2.9.9

  • Bugfix on the Backpack. Backpack failed after Teleporting between worlds.
  • Added configuration so you decide which world the backpack is shared between. (ex. The backpack is shared between World&Nether but NOT with Creative.
  • Cycle Backpack,Workbench and partly player inventory. (Ticket 131)

Version 2.9.8

  • Changed the config.yml because the MySQL users had some connection problems (Ticket 90). I was not a real bug, because the players could had changed it them self in there config.yml. If you recreate the config.yml it will work.
  • Cleaned up in the source code. Seperating BITSort, BITDigiLock, BITInventory and BITBooks
  • Implemented the code for the BITBook button "Moved"
  • Changed shortcut /bp to /bpack due conflict with bPermissions. (Ticket 129)
  • I now delete broken BITBooks. (Ticket 114)
  • Wrong datatype in MySQL is fixed now (Ticket 111)
  • Bugfix. BIT could not connect to MySQL tried to reconnect three time, but didnt succed. (Ticket 90)

Version 2.9.7

  • Bugfix, sometimes you got an error if you were pointing nowhere while pressing L or R. (Ticket 126)

Version 2.9.6

  • Bugfixing on BITBooks. A user (Ticket 113) discovered the if he was typing the same key as he use to open the book (default R) then the book was not saved. This is fixed now. This should also fix Ticket 84.

Version 2.9.5

  • Removed some debug code, which I forgot before releasing v2.9.4 (I obviously was too tired).

Version 2.9.4

  • Bugfix. Security fix. (Ticket 123)
  • Bugfix in my stacking rutine. Tools was stack no matter how the permissions was set. (Ticket 123)
  • Bugfix: Sorting without permissions sortinventory.use was allowed. (Ticket 121)
  • Sorting items when the workbench is open is now possible.
  • Backpack could not be opened after reload of server. (Ticket 109)

Version 2.9.3

  • Added iConomy denomination (Ticket 106)
  • Bugfix: label books does not always works (Ticket 107)
  • Changed the message when items is droped on player death. (Ticket 112)
  • Change: if price to upgrade to a given size is 0, then the upgrade will be done automatically. If "Price9: 0" then the user does not need to buy the backpack (/bp buy). (Ticket 117).

Version 2.9.2

Version 2.9.1

  • Change my permissions system. Internal permissions is only being used by permissionsBukkit or if you don't use a permission plugin at all.

Version 2.9.0

  • Made the DigiLock / Bookshelf targetblock rutine more reliable.

Version 2.8.9

  • Whitelist and blacklist in the Backpack fixed. (Ticket 109)

Version 2.8.8

  • Bugfix. It was possible to dig under doors. (Ticket 94)
  • Bugfix. Players got an error when using /tp (Ticket 96)

Version 2.8.7

  • Added new parm in config.yml. "Price9: 100" to specify the price to buy a new Backpack. (Ticket 102)
  • Fixed bug: NullPointerException, that occured when player opened a backpack while pointing at an bookshelf and pressing "S" to sort the backpack.
  • Bugfix: Unhandled exception (Digilock usecost / digilock closetimer) (Ticket 98)
  • Bugfix in SpoutBackpack: backpack spams chat (Ticket 101)
  • Bugfix. PLayer got an error if he tried to open a backpack with /bp before he had not bought it.
  • Bugfix. Strange error when the player dies... (Ticket 100)

Version 2.8.6

  • Sort of items in SpoutBackpack fixed.
  • Bugfix when disable plugin. (Ticket 97)
  • Aliases fixed. /backpack = /bp, /sort = /si, /digilock = /dlock

Version 2.8.5

  • Bugfix: /backpack buy & /backpack upgrade fixed and testet.
  • Bugfix. HasPermission (NOT_QUIET) fixed.

Version 2.8.4

  • Bugfix. The backpack now starts with a size of 0 and must be upgraded before it can be used. (Ticket 88).

Version 2.8.3

  • Bugfix. Players could not use /backpack upgrade. (Ticket 86)

Version 2.8.2

  • Sort works on SpoutBackpack (again).
  • Hook into JailAPI works again. Backpack cant be opened when the player is in Jail.
  • Workbench fixed, tested. Works now.

Version 2.8.1

  • Small fixed in the plugin.yml. Adding some permissions and alias /bp

Version 2.8.0

  • SpoutBackpack is imported to BIT. Notice that you need to set new permissions. This is only FIRST release with SpoutBackpack included, so be prepared for some bugs. Please make a ticket when you find a bug. :-)

Version 2.7.9

  • Compiled with Spout 510 and testet with SpoutCraft 718.
  • Bugfix. Error when creating Book Table in a MySQL database. (Ticket 80)
  • Imported source code for SpoutBackpack. Taking over the development from Neatmonster.

Version 2.7.8

Version 2.7.7

  • You can now configure if a bookshelf will be dropped on the ground if broken by player.
  • The DigiLock now works on the FENCE GATE

Version 2.7.6

  • First official release of BITBooks. You can now write and read books. Hold a book in your hand and press "Hotkey R"

Version 2.7.5

  • Small bugfix. Removed my debugcode, when a user clicked on an item in an inventory. (Ticket 79)

Version 2.7.4

  • Fixed bug in Ticket 77, where unlocked doubledoors could not be destroyed
  • Plugin compiled and tested with Spout Build 502, SpoutCraft Build 710.

Version 2.7.3

  • Small bugfix. I made an stupid error in V2.7.2 so you could not write an "e" in the pincode field :-(

Version 2.7.2

  • Bugfix: Changes in the Bookshelf inventory was not saved. (Ticket 70)
  • You can now create/edit the DigiLock with "L-CONTROL while Right Clicking the mouse"

Version 2.7.1

  • You can create now edit a Sign with Spouts GUI just by holding L-SHIFT + RightClick on the sign with the mouse. User wish in Ticket 67.

Version 2.7.0

  • Added users field to the DigiLock. Made a upgrade of the DigiLock database, moved coowners to users field. (Ticket 66). Only Owner will be accredited when a user uses the door. CoOwners can use the door for free. Works on doors, doubledoors, trapdoors, dispenser, lever, and button.

Version 2.6.9

  • The Spout EditSignGUI can now be disabled in cinfig.yml (Ticket 65)
  • The owner is now accredited when a user uses his door, trapdoor, doubledoor,lever and button (Ticket 66)
  • small fix on the Lever, which could through an error in the console.

Version 2.6.8

  • Compiled against CB1337 again - I made an error first time???
  • Bugfix: You can now place a Bookshelf on top on a Bookshelf where you have created an Inventory.
  • Fixed bug reported in Ticket 62. ( Could not pass event CUSTOM_EVENT to BukkitInventoryTools java.lang.NullPointerException at dk.gabriel333.BukkitInventoryTools.Book.BITBook.cleanupPopupScreen( at)

Version 2.6.7

  • Fixed the bug in Ticket 60 I had to make alot of changes and cleanup in my userdata. This should make the plugin more stable.

Version 2.6.6

  • Compliant with CB1337
  • Added functionality for writing i Books using a GUI. (Not finished - dont use it).

Version 2.6.5

  • New GUI to create the inventory in a Bookshelf
  • The STONE_BUTTON now works on dispensers and door, doubledoors and Trapdoors.

Version 2.6.4

  • Bugfix in the configuration system - where you could not change the parameters.

Version 2.6.3

  • Sort feature fixed in SpoutBackpack, Playerinventory, ChestInventory and DispenserInventory.
  • Database: true removed from plugin.yml. To fix some warning messages when server loads.

Version 2.6.2

  • Fixed the onRedStoneChangeEvent which caused the memory leak. Thanks to Yako87 and leewells2000 for helping finding the bug and being patient.
  • Changed the Configuration system to the new Bukkit FileConfiguration, because some methods was depreciated.

Version 2.6.1

  • Locked signs will now be edited with Spout editGUI if the player uses SpoutCraft.
  • If you destroy an unlocked Bookshelf with an Inventory, the items in the inventory is spawned where the Bookshelf was placed. The destroyed bookshelf is not respawned - like in STD minecraft.
  • Fix on the IsLocked code, so it only tests "lockable" blocks. This should solve Ticket 52, Ticket 53 and Ticket 54

Version 2.6.0

  • Optimized database queries on lockable blocks.
  • Fixed bug with unlocked doubledoors.
  • Unlocked signs will now be edited with Spout editGUI if the player uses SpoutCraft.

Version 2.5.9

  • New feature. Create an inventory in a bookshelf. Cost is configurable in config.yml
  • Lock the Bookshelf inventory with a pincode or your fingerprint.
  • Sort the Bookshelf inventory
  • Cleaned up in the code to try to release memory. (Some users has reported a memory leak :-( )
  • Some other small Bugfixes
  • Fixed the charge on the lever.
  • Usecost is sent the the owner of the DigiLock.
  • The owner will not be charged when he uses the Digilock/Bookshelf.

Version 2.5.8

  • Fixed MySQL database problem. Pincode field was only 4 long. Please backup the the DB file before updating the plugin.

Version 2.5.7

  • Fixed SQLite database problem. Pincode field was only 4 long. Please backup the the DB file before updating the plugin.

Version 2.5.6

  • Added support for "closetimer" for commandline interface.
  • Added support for activating levers from commandline interface.

Version 2.5.5

  • Small bugfix on V2.5.4

Version 2.5.4

  • Buttons can now be used together with Dispensers, like the Levers.
  • Fixed the issue where the targetpointer was different from the clicked block. (Ticket 45 &Ticket 40)

Version 2.5.3

  • small bugfix

Version 2.5.2

  • The feature now works with a Lever and a Dispenser.

Version 2.5.1

  • CB1317 broke my plugin. This is first release with CB1317. The plugin loads and I have tested some of the feature. Please make a Ticket if you find a bug.
  • You can now lock and open the SignGUI.

Version 2.5.0

  • Small bugfix

Version 2.4.9

  • Reprogrammed the GUI, so it can handle many users accessing the GUI.

Version 2.4.6

  • Added support for "addcoowner","remcoowner","usecost" for commandline interface.

Version 2.4.5

  • Added support for "everyone" in the coowners field, so "everyone" can use the lever,door or whatever.

Version 2.4.4

  • Bugfix. DigiLock on doublechest was broken.


  • Bugfix. You can now use BIT without an eConomy plugin, if you want.

Version 2.4.2

  • Bugfix in the validation routine when locking. (again)

Version 2.4.1

  • Added "Use cost" to Levers so Dispensers can be used as a shops.
  • Added "Use cost" to doors, trapdoors, irondoors, doubledoors.
  • Added a "Destroy cost" in Config.yml, so serveradmin decide the cost of destroying a DigiLock.
  • Added a "UseMaxCost" so serveradmins can decide the maximum cost that users can set use cost to.

Version 2.4.0

  • Small bugfix on the DigiLock on Dispensers.
  • Bugfix in the validation routine when locking. (Closetimer)

Version 2.3.9

  • The DigiLock now works on DoubleDoors :-)
  • The pincode works on Irondoors now
  • If SQLite cant update the table it tries up to 20 times and the throws an error.
  • Bugfix in the validation routine when locking.
  • Bugfix in price calculation when creating a DigiLock.

Version 2.3.8

  • SQLite should be able to crash the server now.
  • Added some SQL debugcode to myself.

Version 2.3.7

  • Removed dependency on register 1.5, because of too many errors.

Version 2.3.6

  • Integration to iConomy 4, 5, & 6+, BOSEconomy 6 & 7, Essentials Economy 2.2.17+, MultiCurrency through Register 1.5. ONLY testet with BOSEconomy.
  • Bugfix on 12:53:57 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to BukkitInventoryTools java.lang.NullPointerException at org.getspout.spoutapi.gui.InGameScreen.closePopup( at org.getspout.spoutapi.gui.GenericPopup.setScreen(

Version 2.3.5

  • Validation on some fields in the DigiLock (create GUI)

Version 2.3.4

  • "DisplaySortArchievement: false" now removes "Items sorted" and "chest sorted"

Version 2.3.3

  • Command /sort on dispenser and furnace inventory implemented
  • Command /digilock on dispenser and furnace inventory implemented

Version 2.3.2

  • Version 2.3.1 had to many bugs :-( , so I went back to version 2.3.0 and reprogrammed the features.
  • Added protection against TNT and other events.
  • Delete DigiLock's on illegal blocks, when player points on the block and press L.

Version 2.3.1

  • Added protection against TNT and other events.
  • Delete DigiLock's on illegal blocks, when player points on the block and press L.

Version 2.3.0

  • Added new feature: AutoClosingDoors.

Version 2.2.9

  • Fixed DigiLock on chest after the SpoutCraft upgrade broke it. Some times Chests you cant close chests, this is a bukkit error not an error in my plugin.
  • Sorting in Dispenser window and Furnace windows fixed.

Version 2.2.8

  • Bugfix. Permission node bukkitinventorytools.*: true now works as it should.

Version 2.2.7

  • Sound added to the digilock, when opening doors and trapdoors.

Version 2.2.6

  • Added a new permissionnode: bukkitinventory.digilock.create, check the permissions page.

Version 2.2.5

  • Add command to lock with fingerprint ( /digilock lock fingerprint )

Version 2.2.4

  • DigiLock now works on dispensers and furnaces

Version 2.2.3

  • DigiLock works on TrapDoor

Version 2.2.2

  • Fingerprint feature now also works for Furnaces, Dispensers, Buttons and Levers.

Version 2.2.1

  • Bugfix on the doors. I finally think I made them works. Both pincode and fingerprint.
  • I have put in basic code for dispenser, furnace, lever and button, but they are NOT finished yet
  • NOTICE i have change the database and have made an auto upgrade so you should not loose the DigiLock's you have created. But please make an backup on BukkitInventoryTools.db before installing version 2.2.1 so you are able to go back to version 2.2.0 in emergency.

Version 2.2.0

  • added a new command: /digilock info

Version 2.1.9

  • Sort.DisplayArchi


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