How to set-up a remote connection using JSONAPI

The GUI can show output and send commands to remote servers. In order for this to work, the JSONAPI plugin should be installed on your server.

The JSONAPI plugin, and documentation can be found here

Configuring the GUI:

  1. Go to superstart, and change the server type to "Remote JSONAPI"
  2. Now you have to set up your credentials:
  3. Host: the hostname or IP of the server you want to connect to.
  4. Port: The port you set in the JSONAPI config.
  5. Username: The username you set in the JSONAPI config
  6. Password: The password that you set in the JSONAPI config
  7. Salt: The salt that you set in the JSONAPI config
  8. Now you can press "Launch server" to connect.

Important! You need to forward the Jsonapi port, port+1 and port+2 on your minecraft server!


  • The server should be running, before you can connect using JSONAPI.
  • The start/stop button on the general tab, will behave as a connect/disconnect button.
  • You can stop the server by sending the "stop" command