Configuring the GUI

Changing the GUI language

The GUI is available in multiple languages. In order to change the language, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have the latest version. You need at least v1.0.0.121 or higher.
  2. Go to the "options & settings" tab
  3. In the bottom-left box, you can select the language
  4. If your desired language isn't available, click "get more lanuages"
  5. A popup will show all available languages. Select the desired language, and click install
  6. Open the language list again, and select the language of your choice. Note: After changing the language, you need to restart the GUI in order to see the new language.

Changing the config file location

The GUI offers 2 locations to store all the GUI files in:

  • Appdata - Stores the data in %appdata%/Bertware/BukkitGUI. No matter where you put the executable, the GUI will always load the same settings. Only 1 instance of the GUI can run at once. (Recommended setting)
  • Server folder - Stores the data in your server folder/BukkitGUI. If you put the executable in 10 different locations, each location has its own config. Multiple GUI instances are possible. Only for advanced users.

Disabling the automatic update check

If your server is fully automated, the update popup would stop the GUI until you click it. You can disable the update popup by doing this:

  1. Go to the "options & info" tab
  2. In the bottom-left box, you find a checkbox to enable/disable the automatic updater
  3. Uncheck it to disable the updater dialog.
    • Note: It's highly recommended to keep up-to-date with the latest version. If you disable the updater, please check every few days for a new version manually. New versions improve the stability and extends the functionality.

Starting the GUI with windows

The GUI can start automatic with windows:

  1. Run the GUI as administrator (Important!)
  2. Go to the "options & info" tab
  3. In the bottom-left box, you find a link to enable/disable start with windows.
  4. Click the link. Answer the popup to enable/disable autostart.
    • Note: If you change the file name of the GUI, this function might stop working!
    • Note: If you enable autostart, and move the GUI afterwards to another folder, this function might stop working!

Starting the server when the GUI starts

The minecraft server can start when the GUI starts:

  1. Go to the "options & info" tab
  2. In the bottom-left box, you find a chackbox to enable/disable the server start on GUI start.
  3. Check/Uncheck it to enable/disable this setting