Bukkit NPC'S

Bukkit NPC'S

This plugin is going under a major recode!

This plugin allows the user to create functioning non player characters with the use of a light weight, light speed plugin. The plugin is designed around the concept of minimal space, minimal memory usage and fast speeds.

The NPC's can have customized skins and items using the commands below. We used a way to workaround the Minecraft 1.7.5 update, braking of skins not loading if the player does not log on.


Quote from stopbox:

(Until a Select feature is added, Selected NPC is most recent created NPC)

/npc create => Creates the NPC
/npc killall => Kills all NPC's
/npc look => Makes Selected NPC look at you
/npc equip => Equips NPC's with item in hand<br>


bukkitnpc.* All of the permissions
bukkitnpc.create Creates a NPC!!!
bukkitnpc.killall Kill's all dem Peeps


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