Buildr is a collection of useful tools to make building/creating stuff easier and faster. The key features of Buildr are the two buildmodes and the structure builders. The Globalbuildmode offers Worldbased enhancements to building, while the Userbuildmode gives a single player some handy tools. While the modes are disabled you can play minecraft without any effect. Buildr comes with a detailed configuration file so you can modify its behavior to fit to your needs.



Global build mode:

While a world is in the Globalbuildmode, it won't get dark and the weather won't change - so you can build without beeing interruped because you have to change the weather or set the time to see your creation again. Also blocks won't drop items in this world so the floor isn't flooded with useless items.


  • no nighttime -> alway sun
  • no storm/thunder
  • no itemdrops

User build mode:

While a user is in buildmode blocks will break (almost) instantly if the player uses a Pickaxe (any of them), the inventory won't get flooded by useless items (pickups disabled), players won't get damaged, blocks are unlimited (stacksize is always 64). Last but not least cutting down trees is quite a pain, but while in buildmode players can fell a tree with just one click of an axe. You can Lock or Unlock the buildmode for a world or generally lock/unlock it, just have a closer look at the config/permissions.


  • Instant Block Break
  • Godmode
  • Unlimited Items
  • No itempickups
  • Treecutter removes trees instant

Basic Structure builders:

You can build walls, floors/ceilings,cuboids,spheres,half spheres, cylinders easily with the build-commands of Buildr. Just type the command (see below) and click 2 blocks and Buildr creates these structures for you. The 3-Dimensional structures can be build hollow and all structures have a replace function. You can use wool as material with every structure builder. Just use wool:color as material in the command. And just like the Treecutter you can undo every action you perform with those builders with the /undo or /bu command.

  • /wall builder

create Walls (or floors/ceilings) easily with just 2 clicks and this command usage: after you typed in the command you have to rightclick on the two blocks between the wall should be build while holding a stick. the line described by the 2 blocks must be parallel to at least one axis

  • /wallx builder

allows you to create walls that aren't parallel to one of the axis

  • /cuboid builder

allows you to create Cuboids (Great tool to begin your house with if you set it to hollow).

  • /sphere builder

allows you to create a sphere. They can be solid or hollow.

  • /halfsphere builder

allows you to create a half sphere. Can be solid or hollow.

  • /cylinder builder

allows you to create a cylinder. They can be solid or hollow.

Example for the replace-function: /cubeoid wool:pink r1 this command will replace all stone blocks in the selected area with pink wool /wall 2 r3 this command will replace all dirt blocks in the selected area with grass

Other features:

/wool command gives you a stack of wool in the specified color

/top command Ports the user to the highest Block at its current position

/airfloor command this command allows you to place one block or even a floor direct above yourself. usage: /airfloor

/gv command gives items directly to a player or yourself. /gv 4 would give yourself a stack of 64 Cobbleston /gv stone 20 would give yourself a stack of 20 Stone /gv noob 20 40 would give noob a stack of 40 Glass

/gvx command gvx you a stack of items with the specified datavalue /gvx 17:1 gives you redwood log

/clearinv command wipes the inventory

/location command gives the location of the block beneath the player

/port command ports the player to the block he is currently facing.

/undo command allows the user to undo his latest actions performed with the treecutter, airfloor tool and all builders (wall, cuboid, sphere etc.)


Commands: - /build command

buildr.cmd.globalbuild - /globalbuild command

buildr.cmd.allowbuild - /allowbuild command

buildr.cmd.wall - /wall command

buildr.cmd.wallx - /wallx command

buildr.cmd.cuboid - /cuboid command

buildr.cmd.sphere - /sphere and /halfsphere command

buildr.cmd.cylinder - /cylinder command

buildr.cmd.airfloor - /airfloor command - /top command

buildr.cmd.undo - /undo command

buildr.cmd.give - /give command

buildr.cmd.clearinv - /clearinv command

buildr.cmd.location - /location command


buildr.feature.treecutter - required to use the treecutter

buildr.feature.jump - required to use /jump

buildr.feature.compassjump - required to jump using a compass

buildr.feature.instantblockbreak - required to use the instantblockbreak (pickaxe) while in buildmode

buildr.feature.instantblockbreakall - required to use the instantblockbreak (all items) while in buildmode (not able to break bedrock even with the permission below)

buildr.feature.break_bedrock - allows the breaking/replacing of bedrock with the instantblockbreak pickaxe and the build commands

buildr.feature.block_info - if the user rightclicks a block with a stick, detailed information about the clicked block will be printed

rest is not done yet... might add it on demand but the limitations in the configfile should work for most situations


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