BuildersPlot allows servers to easily protect their worlds by assigning plots to their guests. In this way, BuildersPlot allows people assigned to plots to only build inside those plots. No more grief, block spam, or fire problems. All of these actions are limited to land inside a plot. Plots are fully configurable and can be any size. They can also be claimed by guests if set up a certain way; drastically reducing the amount of attention needed by server staff.


  • Easily create Plot both claimable and directly owned by a player.
  • Force your guests to build in their own plot.
  • Grief, block spam, and fire issues completely blocked outside of plots (No more grief!)
  • Protect your guests' builds with ease
  • Teleport to other player's plots (And your own plot)
  • No more need to rollback, grief can't happen in the first place!
  • Simple commands to make, manage, and delete plots.

Commands: [Parameter] represents an optional parameter whereas <parameter> represents a required parameter.

  • /plot - Displays all commands ingame.
  • /plot create <Plot Name> <Plot Owner OR "NoOwner"> - This allows admins/mods (specified in player.yml) to create a plot by using 2 points (point they are standing on and point they are looking at) to create a cuboid region. If second argument is NoOwner, guests will be able to claim this plot.
  • /plot mark <Plot Name> <Plot Owner OR "NoOwner"> - This creates a plot but instead of using point1 as the block you are standing on and point2 as the block you are looking at, it uses the points you selected with the marker tool. (Left click with gold hoe for point1, right click for point2)
  • /plot info <Plot Name> - Displays info for the specified plot.
  • /plot edit <Plot Name> <point1 OR point2> - Allows someone to edit one of the points of a plot by using the block they are looking at as the new point.
  • /plot delete <Plot Name> - Deletes the specified plot.
  • /plot claim <Plot Name> - Claims the specified plot if it exists or isn't already owned or the player doesn't already own a plot.
  • /plot unclaim <Plot Name> - Unclaims the specified plot
  • /plot tp [Plot Owner]- Teleports to your plot (or the player specified's plot)
  • /plot list - Lists all unclaimed plots
  • /plot addMember <Player Name>- Adds an exempt player to players.yml (This player will not be restricted to building in a plot anymore)
  • /plot addMod <Player Name> - Adds a player who is allowed to create/delete/modify plots and add members to players.yml
  • /plot ignoreWorld <World Name> - Adds a world to worlds.yml (BuildersPlot will no longer stop block events in this world)
  • /plot removeIgnored <World Name> - Removes a world from worlds.yml
  • /plot reloadConfig - Reloads all the config files without having to restart the server.
  • /plot expandUp <Plot Name> - Sets the upper Y-Limit of this plot to 256.
  • /plot addFriend <Plot Name> <Player Name> - Adds this player to this plot's friends list, which allows them to build in the plot as well.
  • /plot removeFriend <Plot Name> <Player Name> - Removes this player from this plot's friends list.

Plot System Functionality:

The plot system requires a guest to own a plot before they can build anywhere. Without a plot, they cannot burn/break/build anywhere. Admins (or Moderators specified in players.yml) are allowed to make plots and either assign them directly to a guest or make it claimable (Using "NoOwner" as the Plot Owner parameter). That guest can now build only in that plot, and no where else

Permission Nodes (Work with most Permissions plugins):

  • buildersplot.create - Allows a user to create a plot
  • buildersplot.mark - Allows a user to create a plot using the Marker Tool (Gold hoe)
  • buildersplot.edit - Allows a user to edit a plot by either using the block they are looking at for point1/point2 or by using the points selected with the marker tool
  • buildersplot.delete - Allows a user to delete a plot.
  • buildersplot.config - Allows a user to reload and modify the config files via command
  • buildersplot.teleportother - Allows a user to teleport to another person's plot (/plot tp <PlotOwner>)
  • buildersplot.exempt - Exempts a user from plots (same as adding them to members list in players.yml ... this user can build anywhere now)

Per-World Preferences for Plots:

With the implementation of v1.1 you might notice a worlds.yml hanging around in your BuildersPlot folder. The first time this is generated, it is empty. This means that by default, BuildersPlot watches all of your worlds and makes sure that everyone in all worlds is restricted to plots (unless they are in players.yml, admin, or have the buildersplots.exempt node). If you execute the command /plot ignoreWorld <WorldName you will add this world to worlds.yml and BuildersPlot will ignore all block events in it. This means that the world will no longer be protected by grief! If you wish to remove the world you can execute the command /plot removeIgnored <WorldName>. This removes the world from worlds.yml.


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