Builder Wars

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Builder Wars

Builder Wars

Builder Wars is a new plugin which intends to bring a fun minigame that will be open-source and be packed with features and regularly updated. The aim of the plugin is to bring a twist to regular team versus team minigame and add more exciting features. The plugin is still in development, so expect more features coming every so often!

To win you must kill the opposite's team builder. Meanwhile, each builder can build up his own defenses and get players defending him.

What is Builder Wars and how does it work?

Builder Wars is of course a player versus player minigame with two teams. Each team should have their own very basic base! A regular player now gets to choose their kits.Once the game starts, out of all players on each team only one person gets chosen as a builder, and they have the ability to build and modify their bases. However, even though the builder is just a builder, he's not invincible therefore you need someone to protect him/her. Every time someone in your team kills another in the other team, the player whom is a builder on the team of the killer, the builder gets a random block (wood or obsidian or stone) which they can collect to build up a base. Your builder on your team should build and make your base more secure, expand on roads and build up walls and traps etc.


Work in Progresso ;)

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Work in Progresso ;)


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