Builder 0.6 RC


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    Oct 19, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.3.2


v. 0.6 ALPHA3 10/19/2012

Fixed supply requirement for glass blocks and panes, melon, bookshelves, ender chests, snow, ice, double slabs.

Changed supply requirement for stairs: all wood stairs count as 'oak wood stairs'. All stone stairs (except nether brick) count as 'stone brick stairs'. This is to match the behavior with slabs.

v. 0.6 ALPHA2 10/15/2012

Added builder.donate permission. This allows players to donate to a builder in supply mode. Fix calling build from the console.

v. 0.6 ALPHA 10/14/2012

Supply Mode - Builders can now be set so that players must provide all the materials before the builder will start building. use /builder supply true to turn this on, then call /builder build as usual.

Once build is called the Builder will go into Supply mode. See section for details.

Only those blocks actually needed will be required (if some are already in place)

The collected materials will persist if the server is restarted.

Localized names are used for all items and blocks. (based on server language setting)

If the build is canceled the collected items are lost.

Unobtainable blocks are supplied by giving their normal drop type (example: Cobwebs require players to supply String). Please let me know if I missed any.

Fixed 'mark' and 'schematic origin' sometimes being off by 1 block.

Moved the 'nohold' build option to its own command: /builder hold true/false

Added onstart: build option, this will run a Denizen task when the builder starts building (after collecting required materials, if set)

Requires latest dev build of Citizens2

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