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    Sep 16, 2012
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  • 1.3.2


'v. 0.4 Beta 9/16/2012 New build order''' Builder now places items in groupings based on item type: base blocks, furniture, redstone, liquids, and decorations. This is done ''per layer'' because I didn't like how it looked building all the layers of one type first. Maybe configurable later.

New build patterns builders can use: spiral, linear, reversespiral or reverselinear (this is for the x-z plane, builders still build from the bottom layer up, 1 layer at a time... for now!) the default is spiral.

(Okay I'll admit this sort of lets you use up to 4 builders on 1 schematic if they have the same origin and different patterns... but shhh it's our secret :))

Excavate mode! builders can optionally dig out the area before building!

Configuration! Builder now makes a config.yml that can be used to change the default schematics directory. messages and allowable 'marking' materials.

Holding items! Player and Endermen-type builders will now hold the item they are about to place, or a pickaxe if breaking blocks.

Fix mob-type builders, they no longer crash clients because cows can't swing their arms!

the ignoreliquid and ignoreair commands have been removed specify these options when calling /builder build.

Hooked into dynmap to trigger an area render on completion/cancellation of build.

Requires latest dev build of Citizens2

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