We've broken 3k downloads! I have completely rewritten it (again) to be much more extendible. It supports MySQL Redis, and FlatFile (Mongo coming soon!)



What is it?

BuildAPrefix is the solution to a problem that is widespread. Chat on most servers is an endless sea of boring [Member] tags and [Donor] tags that would put a person on coffee to sleep. What does BuildAPrefix do? It allows your players (or donors, both are EULA complient) to set their own prefixes. Now, I know what you're thinking, "I already have a plugin like this." Read the list of features and then re-evaluate this plugin.


  • Signs for all main functions- no boring commands that you forget in the blink of an eye.
  • Full formatting support- that's &a &b &1 &l &k etc. All colors are available via permissions.
  • It informs players as to what colors they can use.
  • Signs are fully configurable.
  • Supports Redis, MySQL, and FlatFile. (MongoDB coming soon!)
  • Configurable minimum and maximum character length, as well as a configurable format.
  • Simple permissions.
  • Powerful configuration that's (in my opinion overly) commented.
  • Blacklist using Regular Expressions (RegEx) to keep people from being admins. See the config for help and examples.
  • Every single chat message is configurable.
  • Oh, did I mention how awesome BuildAPrefix is?



The base command is /bap (which can also be /prefix or /buildaprefix).

  • /bap: Initiates a prefix building session.
  • /bap clear: clears your prefix.
  • /bap clear [player]: clears the prefix for the given player.
  • /bap version: gets the current version.


  • buildaprefix.prefix: Allows the player to create a prefix.
  • buildaprefix.colors.all: Gives the player all colors. Functions similar to the * character but it works slightly faster (by stopping a loop).
  • buildaprefix.colors.[color-letter]: Gives player the color specified. Ex: buildaprefix.colors.a gives a player &a. This works with formatting codes too.
  • allows the player to create BuildAPrefix signs.
  • buildaprefix.other: allows the player to clear others' prefixes.
  • Coming soon (since I forgot it for v3.0.0) buildaprefix.bypassblacklist


'Create Prefix' Sign:

Make it as follows:

  1. [Prefix]
  2. create
    • 'Clear Prefix' Sign:

Make it as follows:

  1. [Prefix]
  2. clear

Simple as it gets!

To Do

  • Add permission for clear.
  • Add lang file.
  • Add more customization options (RegEx?).
  • Add an API. Sorta? I mean, we're almost there.
  • Re-implement blacklist. Simpler methods. RegEx.
  • Comment the configuration file.
  • Implement metrics.

Please Note

  1. This plugin uses statistics tracking from MCStats. You can opt out of it via the PluginMetrics configuration.


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