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Bug-Manager is a simple plugin to allow you to keep track of all your user created bug reports in a neat data file and In-Game GUI. How it works? A user on your server types in the command as well with a title and a description, from there it will be added to the data.yml with the player's name, title and description. The player can make as many bug reports as he/she wants. Make server management much easier for server staff and owners. 
Q: How can I disable the auto message?
A: To disable the auto message head into your "plugins" folder then to "BugReport" folder then open config.yml. From there set "reminder-interval" to -1 and it will permanently disable it
Q: How do I change the messages?
A: To change the messages, head to your "plugins" folder then to "BugReport" folder and then open "language.yml". From there you can change the strings to any thing you would like. Remember: '&' is the color code, for example "&bHello" would be light blue.
Q: Can I edit the config in-game?
A: Yes you can, you just need the permission bugreport.config and then type /bugreport config
Q: Does this plugin have an Auto Updater?
A: Yes it does. However, it only downloads approved builds from Bukkit.
Q: The Auto Updater keeps downgrading versions?
A: Since there is "latency" between when the file gets uploaded and when the Curse API refreshes, the build you just downloaded will downgrade you to a previous build. Usually the API refreshes within a few hours and once it does the plugin will update itself to the latest version.



Video Demonstration by Me:


1. Drag the jar into the plugins folder, of the server!
2. Start or reload the server!
3. Plugin installed​


Viewing Bug Reports:
This is done in a few easy steps:
1. Open your server folder
2. Head to "plugins" folder
3. Click on "Bug Report" folder
4. Open "data.yml" with notepad (Notepad ++ is strongly recommended for organization) 
1. Simply type in /bugreport view and it will open a GUI with all the reports inside!



 Config Example:

# This is the interval between each message in seconds <br />reminder-interval: 300

# Define the message you want to send to the players <br />reminder-message: "&amp;dIf you encounter a bug, please report it! \n&amp;b/bugreport &lt;title&gt; &lt;description&gt;" 

# Edit the message you want to send them after they report a bug 
report-message: "&amp;bThanks for reporting!" 

#Change the message after a delete is perfomed 
delete-message: "&sect;aReport deleted" 

#Change the message for player without sufficient permissions <br />noperm-message: "&sect;cYou don't have access to this command!"

#Disable or Enable the join message that informs a new update and current version
join-message: true

#Enable or Disable auto update 
auto-update: true


/bugreport create [title] [desc] ~Will create a bugreport
/bugreport help ~Displays help menu
/bugreport view ~Opens the In-Game viewing GUI, allowing admins to view reports
/bugreport reload ~Reloads the plugin, not the entire server!
/bugreport version ~Checks the plugin's version
/bugreport delete <ID> ~Deletes the report with the ID. Example: /bugreport delete 0
/bugreport check ~ Checks the version and the latest version available
/bugreport update ~ Updates the plugin
/bugreport config ~ Opens the Config Editing GUI


bugreport.report ~ Give this to players to allow them to create bug reports
bugreport.view ~ Give this to admins to allow them to view reports
bugreport.reload ~Give this to admins to allow them to reload the plugin Data File
bugreport.delete ~ Deletes a report
bugreport.update ~ Updates the plugin
bugreport.joinmes ~ When a player joins they will be notified there is a new version available
bugreport.config ~ Allows the player to edit the config ingame through a GUI
bugreport.bypass ~ Bypass's the bug reporting cooldown



- Easy bug tracking
- Organized data file (for you convenience)

-In-game Config Editing GUI
- Reminder Messages
-In-Game viewing through a GUI

-Auto Updater

-Config for customization

-Ingame creating and deleting

-Multi page GUI support




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