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Also, if your switching from Essentials/EssentialsX, Accentials, or EssentialsPro then your old permissions will continue work!

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Commands & Permissions

Command What it does Permission
All commands   bssentials.command.*
/bssentials Bssentials help!  none
/gm Change gamemode!
/invsee See a players invtory bssentials.command.invsee
/clearinv Clear your inventory!  none
/rules Warps to /warp rules ! bssentials.command.rules
/day Day time!
/night Night time! bssentials.command.night
/rain Make it rain! bssentials.command.rain
/removelag remove lag! bssentials.command.removelag 
/staff See server staff members! bssentials.command.staff 
/warp warp to places! bssentials.command.warp
/setwarp Set a warp. bssentials.command.setwarp
/spawn warp to spawn! bssentials.command.spawn 
/setspawn set the spawn! bssentials.command.setspawn
/welcome welcome a player to the server! bssentials.command.welcome
/spawnmob spawns a mob! bssentials.command.spawnmob
/heal heal you! bssentials.command.heal
/feed feed you! bssentials.command.feed
/fly be able to fly!
/google Google
/mcwiki Minecraft Wiki bssentials.command.mcwiki
/youtube Videos!
/bukkitdev Look for plugins! bssentials.command.bukkitdev
/god Be invincible! bssentials.command.god
/pm Private message a player
/viewnick See a players nickname bssentials.command.viewnick
/nick Set your nickname! bssentials.command.nick
/disnick Resets your name!  bssentials.command.disnick
/delwarp Deletes an warp  bssentials.command.delwarp
/home tp to your set home bssentials.command.home 
/sethome set your home bssentials.command.sethome 
/delhome removes your home bssentials.command.delhome 


To Do

Todo Added Planed to be added
Update /ping   v2.6 
Add /alias    
Add /cp    
Add /title   v2.6
Group Manager Click here for GroupManager   

And more...

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