Bukkit Security Agency

Smile ! You're on camera.

What is it ?

Bukkit Security Agency (BSA) is a plugin which allows you to spy, listen and threaten your players with anonymous messages. (But only for their goodness, is not it ?)


  • Global skin and global username for your spyers.
  • Spy, listen and threaten your players.
  • Has a lot of funny options.
  • Auto-updates available.
  • Approved by NSA.

How to use it ?

First, you have to run the command /bsa, you will enter in BSA mode. (You will need the permission bsa.use.)
Then, you can run one of the following commands :

  • /bsa spy <player> - Teleports you on <player>. He is not able see you. Run the command another time to get out of the spy mode.
  • /bsa listen <player> - Listen the input of <player> (you can configure which commands you want to listen in the config). You can add as many players you want. Run the command another time to remove <player> from your listen list.
  • /bsa anon-msg <player> <message> - Send an anonymous message to <player>.
  • /bsa hide - Hide you from others players. Run the command another time to reappear.



global-skin - Choose if your spyers have the same skin. ProtocolLib needed !
global-username - Choose if your spyers have the same username (over their head). ProtocolLib needed !
enable - Choose if you want to enable Skyupdater and PluginMetrics.
listened - Everything which is listened goes here. Here is a list of available materials.
logs - Logs options.


Here you can edit every messages sent by the plugin.


Services included in the plugin

This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org :

  • A unique identifier.
  • The server's version of Java.
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode.
  • The plugin's version.
  • The server's version.
  • The OS version/name and architecture.
  • The core count for the CPU.
  • The number of players online.
  • The Metrics version.

This plugin uses the Skyupdater, which means that the following may occur :

  • Connection to curseforge.com.
  • Plugin version compared against version on curseforge.com.
  • Downloading of the plugin from curseforge.com.

All of that can be disabled in the configuration file.


Development cost time and time is the money of the life. Please feel free to donate.


And remember...


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