A broadcast plugin that can do more than only broadcasting.


  • broadcast a message
  • say something as god
  • say something as herobrine
  • say something as the server
  • say hi to the server or a player on the server
  • say bye to the server or a player on the server
  • start auto broadcaster
  • stop auto broadcaster
  • restart auto broadcaster
  • get information about the state of the auto broadcaster
  • say something as the auto broadcaster


How to set broadcast messages

Commands and Permissions




/bc <message> Broadcasts a message broadcast.bc
/hi <player> Say hi to the server or a player on the server broadcast.hi
/herobrine <message> Say something as herobrine broadcast.say.herobrine
/godsay <message> Say something as god broadcast.say.god
/server <message> Say something as the server broadcast.say.server
/bca help Gives you all the help you need with the /bca commands
/bca start [message file] Starts the auto broadcaster broadcast.bca.start
/bca stop [message file] Stops the auto broadcaster broadcast.bca.stop
/bca info [message file] Gives you the state of the auto broadcaster(on or off)
/bca restart [message file] Restarts the auto broadcaster broadcast.bca.restart
/bca test [message file] Tests the message file for errors broadcast.bca.test
/bca see [message file] [number] Gives you the message on place <number> in the messages.txt file broadcast.bca.see
/bca next [message file] [number] Broadcasts the next message, when a number is added, it will add <number> to the line number of the last message, and broadcast that message
/bca previous [message file] [number] Broadcasts the previous message, when a number is added, it will substract <number> from the line number of the last message, and broadcast that message broadcast.bca.previous
/bca say <message> Broadcasts <message> which looks like it was broadcasted from the auto broadcaster broadcast.bca.say
/bca add [message file] <message> Adds a message to the messages.txt broadcast.bca.add
/gmcheck <player> Checks the gamemode from <player>, when you don't set <player> it will give your gamemode broadcast.gmcheck
/bcreload Reloads the config.yml broadcast.reload
/bcinfo Shows you some information about this plugin
/bchelp Shows you the commands and description for this plugin



do you have any suggestions to make this plugin better, or want something added to the plugin, please post a comment.
  • make messages editable ingame (suggestion by Mathboy19)


  • when all messages are broadcasted, it doens't start from the beginning
    • please make sure that the last line isn't empty, sometimes the last line will be empty and the broadcaster can't schedule a message
if you have any problems with using my plugin, and none of the above will help, please fill in a ticket with your problem and I will look at it.

a github repository can be found here


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