This plugin allows the automatic regeneration (reset / rebuild) of The End even after the dragon is killed, so players may once again have a chance to kill the EnderDragon. Rebuild is usually pretty fast.

With BBTE you can configure:

  • The amount of dragons to spawn.
  • The time between attempts to rebuild The End.
  • Two automatic rebuild modes: After the period you configure (interval) The End can be automatically reset
  • [NEW] Added a configuration parameter to allow you to select which world you want the plugin to hook on to.
  1. Only after all players leave or
  2. It can teleport them to spawn. Both will only happen after the players kill all the dragons that are alive in the end and if the grace period has passed.
  • You can disable the automatic functionality and use the /re now and /re schedule to rebuild the end manually.

The plugin protects against world damage by player entrance. This is done by teleporting players back to spawn during rebuild. This includes:

  • Access by command (e.g. /back on essentials).
  • Access by The End portals.
  • Access by login (If the player logged out while being on The End and attempts to join back in that world). In this case the plugin kicks out the player until the rebuild is done.

Main command: /resetend Alias: /re

Source can be found inside the jar file, just unzip it.


Parameters in <> are required. Parameters in [] are optional.

  • /re now [dragonamount] - Resets the end instantly. Optional dragons to be spawned.
  • /re schedule <time> [dragonamount] - Schedules the end to be reset in <time> seconds.
  • /re cancel - Cancels any pending reset.
  • /re help - Shows help
  • /re reload - Reloads the configuration from file.
  • /re showconfig - Shows the plugin's configuration.
  • /re status - Shows if there is a pending rebuild, the remaining time, the action it will take (tp or wait for empty) and the dragon amount to be spawned.

Tip to remember the main command: re comes from resetend


  • bringbacktheend.reset - Allows the use of the now and schedule commands.
  • bringbacktheend.reload - Allows the use of the reload command.
  • bringbacktheend.cancel - Allows the use of the cancel command.
  • bringbacktheend.status - Allows the use of the status command.
  • bringbacktheend.showconfig - Allows the use of the showconfig command.

Note: Only bringbacktheend.status has a default permission of 'true'. The rest need 'op' (or the equivalent of your permissions plugin) permission.


NOTE: The comments on the config.yml get wiped after the first reset because of the way the default file parser works on bukkit. This does not affect anything else on the file or the workings of the plugin.

  • logDebug - Saves debug information to the log. Do not set to true unless you have a good reason. Default = false
  • autoReset - Enables the auto reset functions of the plugin. Setting this to false means you will need to use the now and schedule commands to reset the end. Default = true
  • interval - Time between rebuilds after the dragon has been killed. Value is in seconds. Default = 1200
  • tpPlayersAfterTimeout - If set to true, any player still on the end when the reset happens will be tp'd to spawn. If set to false, the reset will happen as soon as they leave. Default = false
  • dragonAmount - The number of dragons to spawn during the reset. Default = 1
  • saveRate - The save rate of the remaining time to reset to disk. Value is in seconds.
  • [NEW]autohookworld - Checks all the worlds that are loaded and hooks to the first end environment that it finds. If you set it to false, you need to specify the world name in 'worldName'. Default = true.
  • [NEW]worldName - Name of the end world to hook on to. Case sensitive. Only used if autohookworld = false.

NOTES on the saveRate value

  1. Too low means increased disk access.
  2. Too high may cause the current tick count to be lost if the server is shut down incorrectly.
  3. Default is 5 minutes (600 seconds).
  4. This value needs to be lower than the interval or it will be adjusted as necessary.

The rest of the values on the config.yml file should not be changed.

IMPORTANT: If you were using version 1.14 or lower, YOU NEED TO DELETE YOUR OLD CONFIG.YML before updating to 1.2.x Any further updates will also update your config file automatically unless otherwise noted.

Update 2013/08/03 The new version (1.2.2) fixes a lot of bugs regarding multi world support and changes the deprecated method of spawning entities to the new method. This will make the plugin prepared for future bukkit updates. The plugin will update the config file automatically.


If you have spigot/mcpc+ or a plugin that unloads the end environment, the plugin will not be able to reset that world. It will warn you when that happens. For spigot/mcpc+, change the paramenter 'keeploaded-environment-the_end' to 'true' in 'bukkit.yml'.

This mod should keep on working on most versions of Bukkit without any update as long as they don't do any major changes on the methods I use.


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