Griefers gonna grief, protect your users with bReport.

Ever wished there was an easy way for your players to leave you a message and let you know about griefing, report a hacker, or just tell you they love you?

Now with bReport you can do all this, with the added functionality of a built-in admin only chatroom (with console chatting support)!



'/report I dun goofd!'

From your users point of view, opening a ticket is easy - they simply type '/report' followed by their report! Any online admins are also notified when a report is filed (people with the permission node)


This is the summary command, it displays up to 7 (configurable) of the most recent ticket ids, as well as the players who created the ticket.

'read ID'

This opens the ticket by that ID and displays the relevant information.

'resolve ID'

This marks a ticket as resolved, and informs the one who opened it (if they're online) that it has been resolved.

'/gotoreport ID'

This teleports the admin to the exact location where the ticket was filed (useful for quickly getting to a griefing spot)

'/unresolve ID'

On the rare occasion that you mark a ticket as resolved that you didn't mean to, you'll find this useful.

'/mc message'

This lets you chat in the "moderator chat" room, where only people with the permission node to send chat can see the chat you type. This is independant of any chat plugin and has no prefix/suffix. Purely functional.

'/comment ID [message]'

Allows you to create comments on reports but also allows you to list them when you don't have a message variable.

Permission nodes

bReport has a different set of permission nodes for each command.

/report -
/read -
/resolve - breport.resolve
/unresolve - breport.unresolve
/gotoreport - breport.gotoreport
/mc - breport.modchat
/comment - breport.comment

You can just grant them all with breport.*.

Upcoming Features

  1. Timed Ticket Notifications
  2. New List command
  3. A view command to replace the old list command feature.
  4. SQL Support

Source code

The source code is available for review and for your own use at

This project is licensed under the AOL license, which simply means attribute me somehow if you use my code!

I would ask that you don't use the code and release a similar/identical project, if you have changes you want to make, make a pull request!


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