• Step 1: Download the plugin.
  • Step 2: Drag the plugin (i.e BreedingLimiter.jar) from your download location and drop it into your Minecraft plugins folder.
  • Step 3: Run your Minecraft server so the config.yml gets generated in the plugins/BreedingLimiter folder. You can take down your server once this has been generated.
  • Step 4: Edit your config.yml
  • Step 5: Bring your server back up again.
  • Step 6: Play Minecraft.


This is a small plugin that allows the server admin to limit the number of animals that can be bred within an area that the server admin can specify. Individual limits can be set for any animal. If the limit has been reached for a particular animal, attempting to breed it will display a customizable breeding-failed message to the player.

This plugin does not affect normal spawn rates or spawns from chunk generation. Also, please note that this only affects breedable animals.


- Limits the number of animals that can be bred within a configurable area.
- Displays a customizable breeding-failed message if the player fails to breed due to limit restrictions.
- Allows players to check the number of a type of animal and its breed limit by typing "/breedlimit [animal]"


A server running JDK 1.7 is required to use this plugin.


/breedlimit [animal] This will display the number of [animal] currently in your area, as well as the breeding limit.

    description: A command to check the number of animals currently in the chunk and the breeding limit of that animal.  Also works with villagers.
    usage: /breedlimit [animal] (example /breedlimit cow)
    permission: breedlimit.breedlimit
    permission-message: You don't have permission to use this command.


    description: Gives access to all the breedlimit commands.
      breedlimit.breedlimit: true
    description: Allows you to check the number of animals in the current chunk.
    default: true


Edit the configuration by navigating to the BreedingLimiter folder (found in your plugins folder) and editing the config.yml file.

breed-limit: A list of animals and their breeding limits. Animals and limits are separated by an equal sign.
villager-limit: The limit on the number of villagers within an area.
breeding-failed-msg: The message that the player sees when they are unable to breed an animal.
area-size: The size of the area centered around the player that will have the breed limit enforced.

Configuration example

- cow = 10
- pig = 20
- chicken = 30
- sheep = 20
- wolf = 5
- mushroomcow = 10
- ozelot = 5

villager-limit: 10

breeding-failed-msg: You cannot breed this animal.

area-size: 16, 16, 256

This configuration limits 10 cows, 20 pigs, 30 chickens, 20 sheep, 5 wolves, 10 mushroom cows, 5 ocelots, and 10 villagers per 16 x 16 x 256 area of land centered around the player. If you don't want the animal to have a limit, just remove it from the list.

Important Note: In order for ocelots to work, you need to spell them as "ozelot" in the config file. I'm still looking into why this is, but I think it's a problem with the API.

Current Version

3/10/13 Version 1.3
- Fixed bug with spawning baby animals from spawn eggs.
- Enforced breeding limit on chickens spawned from chicken eggs.
- Added limit for villagers.
- Added "/breedlimit villager" command that returns the count and limit of nearby villagers.


The idea for this plugin came from Ephemeralis' ChunkBreedLimit, which does not currently work correctly and is out-of-date. However, I have completely rewritten and improved the plugin, and the code is 100% my own.


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