essentials.kits not working?? #749

  • tiberius__ created this issue Apr 4, 2019

    Hi, I just got some of the permissions to work, but the /kit command won't work for members, even if I have it enabled for them...



    That's the setup, please tell me what I did wrong so I may fix it

  • ゼンブラックウルフ posted a comment Nov 28, 2019

    Even if this is a little old. For anyone who have a similar problem, try this:


    Did you give your kit a specific name?

    In this case you need to add the Permissions "essentials.kit.[kit name here]"

    The placeholder with "*" is possible not working for this.


    Taker a look at the FAQ:

    Q: Is there a '*' node in bPermissions?

    A: There is not a '*' node in bPermissions. As the wildcard node is not supported in the Bukkit permissions API by default, we do not support it. Though, if a plugin supports it, you will be able to do "plugin.node.*"


    If anyone have the same Problem, then please write if this is working or not.



    With best regards



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